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"Glennbo" > So, I went ahead and ordered this stuff in a mwave barebones.

Uh, could you have just like slept on it for one freaking night. Geez!!!!

From: Here In Oregon on
There are some major advantages to an i7920 but I am sure you will be happy
so I will refrain from anymore commentary. Your bonuses will be cheaper RAM
and motherboard, less power consumption and a little less heat. I will stop
typing now.

From: Nil on
On 28 Feb 2010, Glennbo <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in

> Oh, and it looks like I may be buying a new barebones machine,
> because my Core 2 Duo is starting to act up after 6 years. It's
> wanting to not boot until you power it off and on and off and on a
> bunch of times. When it finally does come up, it runs fine, but
> it's fairly impossible to trace the problem, since whatever it is
> isn't a 100% fail. I swapped video cards, but it isn't that, coz
> I had the same problem this morning.

Sorry to hear that. I built my main computer the same time you did...
in fact, I mostly copied your list of components. This has been the
most solid, reliable machine I've ever had, and it's still perking
merrily along. I usually keep my computers until they start to balk at
the tasks I have for them, and so far, this one hasn't complained about
From: Here In Oregon on

"Glennbo" > I've actually been looking at this for the two weeks my DAW has
been acting up.

IC. Good to hear that.

From: Here In Oregon on

"Glennbo" > The biggest advantage in the i5 is that I can afford it,
although it will
> take me a couple months to pay it off.

I totally get it. Best bang for the buck. Reaper will be smoking for
you. I am working in Reaper while I am typing this. I am also giggling all
the time now and you were right once again my friend. Reaper does indeed
rock! I will say it again, I am in DAW heaven.

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