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On 28 Feb 2010, Glennbo <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in

> The DAW seems to run fine, once it comes up, but it consistantly
> fails booting on the first try. It will start to boot, get
> somewhere close or all the way the the WinXP "Welcome" screen, and
> then the screen goes black, and I notice it's hitting all the
> drives, as if the reset button had been hit. It could be as
> simple as the power supply going out, but could also be something
> more drastic.

I vote for the power supply. I hate it when that kind of thing happens
- at my old job, I could always find spare parts to swap around until I
narrowed down the possibilities. Not any more, and even though I have a
huge pile of old computer gear, it's all old obsolete technology that
doesn't fit in any of my working machines.
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"Glennbo" > Glad you are getting to know your way around in Reaper. I can't
wait to see how it performs on my new machine. I am already able to run
all day
long at 1.5ms (64 samples), but I don't think my old M-Audio 2496 can go
any lower than that. Still, I should be able to throw a lot more FX at it.

Does your M-Audio do WDM and ASIO? Are there any new drivers? My RME cards
are older but the new drivers will take it down to 32 0.7ms. Reaper loves
this buffer size (latency) and has come alive. Don't fear the reaper. LOL!

Oh, and giggle, giggle. Too much fun here and I am playing/recording music
again with no bloat and zero crashes in six days. My V drums were a cinch
to set up in Reap with all of its articulations, cymbal chokes, etc. Before
and in another DAW it took me two days just to map everything.

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> One of the first things I noticed in Reaper was how tight my V-Drums felt,
> *-> when using them strictly as a controller, and playing through to
> Superior > Drummer 2. It feels as tight as using the built-in sounds in
> the TD-6V hardware based player.

Same here, as tight as my TD-10 TDW-1 Expanded brain.

Also, I didn't need to map anything to EZ drummer except MIDI ports and
everything is getting picked up in Reaper. I am using two instances of EZ
in order to get my fourth tom thanks to your suggestion three years ago. I
just turn off all the second kit except for that extra tom for a sum total
of 300 megabytes of drum samples. My former DAW and computer would take
over a minute to load the samples and Reaper now loads it in 5 seconds.

Also for input monitoring I would always have to move my mouse and click on
something before I could hear sounds. Now I can minimize Reaper and type
this post and my microphone still works no matter what I am doing on the

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"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message

> The i7s are out of my price range, but from the reviews I've seen and
> benchmarks, the i5 is not far behind, and is a lot less expensive. Once I
> get my dying PC out from under the desk, I'll be trying to track down what
> it is that's failing, and then might use parts from it to upgraqde my

I agree, hence the reason I didnt build the 2nd one. Microcenter had the
860's for $199, which was only a few bucks more then the core 2 quad I was
going to get. Plus they had the msi mobo for 70, and it had 3 pci/3 pci-e
for my tuners, as well as onboard raid so the controller could go. Since
I've only been playing with different 64 bit op systems on it <havent
activated anything yet>, I am considering getting that ASUS you posted and
doing a swap with this MSI. I'll make the i7 my main system/DAW <I am
redoing the studio anyways> and pick up an i5 later for a general system and
just toss it in the MSI at that time.

HIO, why the hell do you have me playing with overclocking now!!! LOL

From: Bob Donald on

Yeah, it's this TV. I ran into this a couple of years ago when we first
started playing with HTPC's, and any nvidia card can only handle 30hz.
Plus, anytime I try resizing the desktop I cant get anything but blank
screen, the icons are all off the page. I'm sure part of it is ignorance on
my part, but there's so many things going on when I do this that I get
frustrated and forget what I'm trying to research to try to fix it. The ATI
had 59/60 but it still looked crappy. I've had so many issues with this TV
that I almost want it to die so that I can justify getting a new one, but it
will probably happen when I cant afford it :) I had to buy AnyDVD because
it wasnt HDCP compliant, even though it says it is, and samsung's best
answer was HDCP changed. Her resolution to it was to run it through the
component outputs, then it would be HDPC compliant?!? After hearing Glennbo
<man, we sure do reference him alot when talking technology!> say that he
hooked his puter up to his insignia, I hooked my system up to the 32 inch
insignia in the bedroom and sure enough, worked like a champ. It's only a
minor inconvenience now, since I dont really do any computing on the system,
and Hi-def video, hulu and netflix look stellar on there, so I will just
make do until the time comes.

Glad you are having so much fun with this, have you tried the hulu desktop
on it yet?

"Here In Oregon" <HIO(a)> wrote in message
> "Bob Donald" < I wish my tv didnt have such crappy resolution, I would
> love to play games on it.
> Hi Bob,
> When I hooked up my HDTV to my computer the resolution was picture perfect
> from the get go. I think I changed my resolution when I went online and
> was flying planes but I was astonished that everything just worked
> perfectly from the get go.

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