From: Robert Spanjaard on
On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 11:35:17 -0500, Neil Harrington wrote:

> Ken Rockwell ( on the other hand has said he never
> uses a lens hood. But he does use his hand to shade the lens, which to
> me seems more of a bother than using a hood -- and is probably less
> effective besides, unless he paints that hand matte black.

Why would you need to paint it black? If our hand is between a lightsource
and the lens, light from the source reflecting off your hand never reaches
the lens.

Regards, Robert
From: Ofnuts on
On 13/03/2010 23:02, tony cooper wrote:
> I thought this was one of the skins of the P&S spammer. P&S cameras
> don't accept lens hoods because the lens retracts into the body.

No true for all. I own a brodge camera that come with a hood. However,
since the hood must be wide enough for the smallest focal length, it is
about useless at the other side of the range (except as a shock protection).

From: Tom Hise on
On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 17:02:48 -0500, tony cooper
<tony_cooper213(a)> wrote:

>I thought this was one of the skins of the P&S spammer. P&S cameras
>don't accept lens hoods because the lens retracts into the body.
>This guy just likes to post whether or not he knows anything about the

I appreciate all the constructive comments people posted. How a simple
question can turn into an excuse to vilify other posters is beyond my

Anyway, I think my question has been answered adequately.


Tom Hise

From: Peter on
"tony cooper" <tony_cooper213(a)> wrote in message

> Left-handed camera? I'm left-handed, and I've never felt that the
> ergonomics of a camera were left- or right-hand favored. The only
> left-handed device that I own is a circular saw. I've tried
> left-handed scissors, but I don't find them much of an advantage.

You will find a big advantage using a left handed screwdriver. Left handed
monkey wrenches are easier to find.
(If you really want to drive someone nuts, ask for them in a Wal-Mart or


From: "Tony Roberts" TR on
"Tom Hise" <nc0o(a)> wrote in message
> I'm trying to reduce the volume of camera related stuff that I haul around
> with me when traveling. I use a Nikon D80 with three different lenses
> (30mm f1.4, 18-135mm F3.5, and 70-300mm f4.5). Each lens has a different
> hood to go with it.
> My question is, just how important are lens hoods? Would I be likely to
> miss any 'great' shots if I stopped carrying the hoods.
> I am not a pro, just an amateur who takes photos for fun, to show friends
> and family and occasionally post on the web.
> Thanks in advance,
> Tom Hise

For me it depends.

Going to a local wildlife park or an airshow for a day out, yeah, why not.
But, when travelling, I don't generally use them because they not only take
up room, but also makes the lens a lot bigger than they are and more
difficult to quickly take in and out of the bag.

If you're going to a wildlife park, I would use one as it helps when
shooting through glass.

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