From: Serge Rielau on
On 7/30/2010 8:46 PM, John Hurley wrote:
> Serge:
> # In clear text: I was stating that accepting a competitor's API as an
> industry standard is akin of learning another language. Adding an API
> (language) to ones skill set increases ones applicability in the
> market and does not imply a technical (or cultural) defeat as was
> alleged.
> Makes sense to me. So DB2 is going to ( or has already ? ) fully
> support PLSQL? Wow I had no idea anything like that was going on.
"Fully" is such a final word...something a sales guy would say.
I'm trying hard to coin the term "colloquial PL/SQL". :-)

And yes it has since a year now (v9.7). Down to CCFLAGS, wrapping, BULK
readers, ...

Serge Rielau
SQL Architect DB2 for LUW
IBM Toronto Lab

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