From: Travis M. on
Well I?m glad to hear that you are up and running
again.  I?m slightly uncomfortable with
the problem sort of resolving itself and think that you might benefit from a
clean-wipe of NI Software combined with a fresh reinstall (remember that MSI
installed programs are meant to go through uninstallation as opposed to
deleting directly from disk), however given the time that it might take I
completely understand if your happy using LabVIEW now that it runs.


Feel free to let us know if you have any additional
questions and if you do need to rid your system of any trace of NI software
please visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> to let
us know.


Thanks again for posting to the discussion forums ? have a
great afternoon!
From: tadk on
It does seem to be running normally, thanks.

It worries me that a real uninstall is only available at special
request. From a user's perspective it seems kind of arrogant or
unprofessional to not provide this on the shipped CDs. I don't see how
copy protection factors into this decision. Sounds more like marketing.

The total NI install is so huge that you can be sure I will be removing
it if I don't see an immediate need. With quarterly updates, it would
likely be a totally new install the next time anyway. How about just
offering a utility that walks thru your disk and deletes every file
with 'national instruments' in the properties?&nbsp; When bundled with
msiblast, this would go a long way towards really cleaning the disk. In
my case this would have saved me an hour or two.
From: Travis M. on
My apologies, I believe that I may have been a little
unclear in an earlier post.&nbsp; It is
entirely possible to remove any trace of NI software from your computer by
going thorough the normal uninstallation procedure which requires users to go
through the add/remove software wizards in the Control Panel and remove each
software item individually as needed.&nbsp; In
unusual event that these steps fail, we can sometimes guide users though ?manually?
deleting the software, but there?s no exact science to it so we request that
users contact us directly for help with that.


I apologize for any confusion on that, and I?m glad to hear
that you are up and running!
From: Sima on
Just a shot in the dark here, have you tried upgrading DAQmx from 8.0 to 8.1?
From: tadk on
You mentioned being able to stop those services from being loaded on
boot. Since nidevmon is the only one I see in the registry,
I used msconfig to prevent its launch but this does not stop the others
from launching. In short, the ones I have identified are:

nipalsm aka midevldu,
nipalsm ala nipxirmu,
tagsrv aka "Tagger"

So is there an easy way to prevent this group from being automatically launched or do I have to handle each one?
Its fine if they all launch when I first open Labview or TestStand, I'd just prefer they don't do this automatically.
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