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"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message
> My shiny new DAW!

Good luck with it!


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"polymod" < Good luck with it!

C'mon, you have us all on pins and needles here. Fire that puppy up and let
us know whether you have lift off!!! I have two dozen people all standing
around waiting with drinks in hand and we have all pledged to not eat until
we hear from you. We are all watching on my HTPC/HDTV and waiting for your
confirmation via post. We are also filming the event and broadcasting
internationally and live all over the world. Go Go Go, and good

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"Glennbo" > It's up and running, and I didn't have to reinstall anything.
The whole
> procedure took less than a couple of hours, all my software works,
> everything is authorized, and all hardware is recognized and functioning.


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"Glennbo" > Actually, I had the machine going in less than an hour from
getting home,
> but I've been getting all the new hardware identified and working
> properly.
> Dig this, I transferred my two HDs, DVDRW, soundcard, and video card.
> Turned it on and it booted right up to my desktop. I ran the inf updater,
> audio install, lan install, rebooted and everything worked without doing a
> repair install of Windows, no re-activating Windows, no messages that my
> hardware had changed drastically or nothing. I did have to re-authorize
> EZ-Drummer and Superior Drummer though. AAAAARGH!!!!!! I ***HATE***
> software that quits working when I update my hardware. If it weren't such
> great drum software I would ditch it in a New York minute.

> Anyway, Reaper is playing my new upcoming song repeatedly in the
> background, while I have email, newsgroups, web browser, and HDTV running
> without a hiccup. Of course, I was doing the same with my Core 2 Duo, but
> this tells me it's running well, and could probably be pushed a LOT
> harder.
> Here's a screen cap with all that stuff running, and how busy the four
> cores appear to be.

*You* are lightning fast. How many cores is Reaper showing in the
performance meter?
Mine just has a RT meter and the other one. It would be nice if Reaper
could show all of the cores. I just go to task manager as well.
Congratulations. Cannot wait to hear even how much more spunkier and fast
Reaper is for you now. Also, can you download any new audio drivers and get
it down below 1 ms.

From: Here In Oregon on


That is a cool screenshot if it is indeed your new puter. LOL!!! Man you
are fast.

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