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"Here In Oregon" <> "Glennbo"

You haven't upgraded Reaper to 3.35 yet. :-( Screenshot proves it.
What are you waiting for? Move! <g>

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"Glennbo" > Running my newest song with 19 tracks (it's not finished yet
either), 32
> effects, most of which are CompressorXs, and Vintage Warmers, with a 256
> meg Giga piano, a Proteus VX, and a half a gig of Superior Drummer
> samples.
> That song is hitting 19% on the CPU meter, while I have a ton of other
> apps, including HDTV running in the corner of my screen.

>including HDTV running in the corner of my screen.


Times are good for a DAW. I have had many DAWGs (digital audio
workstations grunting)

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On 3/4/2010 9:39 PM, Glennbo wrote:
> In news:hmpsqh$6cb$1(a) the killer robot "Here
> In Oregon"<HIO(a)> grabbed the controls of the spaceship
> and pressed these buttons...
>> "Glennbo"> Thanks! Now that I have the other machine out from under
>> the desk, I can
>>> begin to diagnose it and see if I can revive it, or use any parts
>>> from it.
>> I had no idea you were gonna add preloaded hard drives to a new
>> motherboard, ram and chip.
> Usually when I do an in place upgrade like this, I have to do a repair
> install of Windows to even get the machine to boot, and then Windows
> wants to be re-activated. I guess this new hardware looks similar enough
> to the previous hardware that it didn't trip any triggers, or confuse the
> Hardware Abstraction Layer.

So you are saying the new board and chipsets work with the older ones?
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"Glennbo" > With all that stuff running, and moving the various windows
around for the
> pic, not a single pop, click, or even the slightest artifact in the audio.

Yes, my enthusiasm as of late really comes down to what you just said. I
have a dozen web pages open trying to do stuff, like learn about R's
functionality, Windows Live Mail that lets me know when emails are coming in
from multiple accounts etc, etc., all the while I am pulling R up and
maximizing and minimizing it even when stuff I have recorded is playing in
the background and zero probs. R is being compared seriously with Pro
Tools, Sonar, DP, Logic, Cubase, and Nuendo now and wins in many ways. A
real contender and I am not looking back. I have never crashed in R, and I
only had noise glitches when running convolution reverbs in real time and
that is absurd anyway. I just tried it because I have been so impressed and
I wanted to see how far I could go.

From: Here In Oregon on

"Glennbo" > I'm downloading now . . . Got it! Installed!!! Note how I
don't worry
> about updating my DAW software right before a weekend recording session is
> coming up. :)

Yep. Awesome installer and cross platform too.

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