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> >> >>>> Interesting effect. I would have liked to see the silhouette sharp. The
> >> >>>> blurry outline ruins it for me.
> >> >Try a bit of judicious unsharp masking radius 4, strength 40 in PSPro..
> >> >There seems to be some residual chromatic aberration on the horizontals.
> >> >>> How would you propose to have both the moon and the silhouette both be
> >> >>> sharp in a single shot with 1000mm f.l.?
> >> >Actually you can just about do it with the depth of field available with
> >> >a 1000mm lens at f10 focussed at 3500m provided the horizon is no closer
> >> >to you than 2000m. I suspect the OP focussed on the moon and so nearly
> >> >half the available depth of field is wasted on beyond infinity.
> >> >An online calculator is at:
> >> >> The same way you take a picture of a hummingbird, with its wings frozen,
> >> >> with a 28mm f5.6 lens, without strobe.
> >> >A flash gun will also freeze its wings...
> >> And, as always, destroy the ambiance of a perfectly good shot. Ah, the
> >> crippled crutch of the DSLR-TROLL .... image destroying FLASH.
> >> Did you miss this hand-held shot taken at 1/10,000 second using available
> >> light alone?
> >> <>
> >I have told you before, having plastic in a wildlife shot ruins it.
> >DanP
> And I have told you before, it's not my photo (reposted with permission).
> But a good example how the 1/10,000 to 1/40,000 second shutter speeds on
> P&S cameras can capture images that no DSLR in the world will ever capture
> properly. If this was shot with a DSLR its wings would be deformed like the
> helicopter blades in this focal-plane shutter captured image.
> <>

That shot was taken with an old film camera with a horizontal shutter.
You can not find a picture taken with a DSLR haaving such a bad
distorsion (only tip of the blade will be bent)
P&S cameras cannot do it better, flash will be useless and without
flash having a ridiculous fast exposure will produce a black image.

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On Jul 25, 10:18 pm, Outing Trolls is FUN! <o...(a)>
> On Sun, 25 Jul 2010 13:39:01 -0700 (PDT), DanP <> wrote:
> >Can be done with 1/200 s
> >DanP
> Quoted from the image page:
> "Female Broad-Tailed Hummingbird in Flight - IMG_1106_2
> Taken with high speed strobe. The background is the sky (there is no
> backdrop). The high speed strobe goes at about 1/8000 of a second while the
> shutter has to sync at 1/200 of a second."
> No flash, eh?

Did I say that? Read again:
"Can be done with 1/200 s

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On Jul 25, 10:23 pm, LOL! <l...(a)> wrote:

> WRONG! Fool. That helicopter shot WAS taken with a DSLR.

What? You expect me to take your word for it?

This was taken with a DSLR
Not perfect but far better than your example.

> >P&S cameras cannot do it better,
> They use a leaf-shutter, there will be NO distortion.

Can you find any P&S shots of the Apache?
There is NO distortion because there is NO shot.

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On Jul 26, 8:26 pm, Ofnuts <o.f.n.u....(a)> wrote:

> Just wondering... f/4, 1/40000s is about 19.3EV at 100ISO (and f/2.7,
> 1/12500s is 19.5), and still 17.3EV(a)400ISO. Given that the best natural
> lighting is 16EV(a)100ISO (midday sunlight on sand or snow) what kind of
> natural, non-flash lighting is used to take pictures at f/4, 1/40000s?

Ehmm, with CHDK the aperture has to be f/8 for 1/40000 s.
Pretty much useless for photography but good for trolling.

There is a reason why no manufacturer makes such ridiculous fast
But there are flashes that go up to 1/20000 but not for toy cameras.