From: Roland Perry on
In message <hvr8n6$sao$1(a)>, at 14:06:47 on
Tue, 22 Jun 2010, Jeff Strickland <crwlrjeff(a)> remarked:
>I bought a device called EZ-CONNECT. Basically, it's an interface converter
>that takes an internal drive -- IDE 2.5", IDE 3.5", and SATA -- and turns it
>into a USB-based external drive.

Maplin sell devices like that, but curiously the one I bought also
suffered from an early death :(
Roland Perry
From: Jon Green on
On 23/06/2010 08:40, Ben C wrote:
> The whole point of a RAID is you populate it with eight _different_
> drives, not 8 identical ones!

Wuh? No, the whole point of a RAID is (or, rather, are):

1. Greater resilience, because data are being stored redundantly across
multiple drives, and (later enhancement) failed drives can be
hot-replaced, giving 100% uptime unless the RAID controller, network or
power fails;
2. Better response times, because the redundancy means that the first
disk to have the data under its head array "wins", and gets it to you
faster than a single-disk storage unit;
3. Costs of 3-4 small disks are broadly similar to one
bleeding-edge-sized disk for the same storage capacity.

(The downsides, of course, are power consumption and added noise.)

Others have quite correctly pointed out the problems with multiple-model
arrays, so I won't belabour those points. Suffice to say, I always
populate a RAID with identical parts, and keep one as shelf stock for
fast swap-out.

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From: tony sayer on
In article <b-KdnYwp-7Ll3LzRnZ2dnUVZ8lKdnZ2d(a)>, Jon
Green <jonsg(a)> scribeth thus
>On 22/06/2010 23:52, Paul Bird wrote:
>> Seagate Barracudas have done me well for the last five or six years
>Me three. I populate RAIDs with them. Out of eight drives, I've only
>had to replace one. Even that one hadn't broken, but was starting to
>raise SMART warnings, so I dropped in a replacement for safety's sake.

Had 2 Seagate Barracuda's go down in the lest year or so . Have some
older Seagate drives and they just keep on spinnin;!...

Tony Sayer

From: Roland Perry on
In message <BbednRHroYQSK7zRnZ2dnUVZ7rWdnZ2d(a)>, at
08:23:48 on Wed, 23 Jun 2010, Jon Green <jonsg(a)> remarked:
>> Don't think a reformat will fix them either as some on t'internet think.
>A low level reformat can sometimes help, but IME it usually only delays
>the inevitable.

It won't actually write a "low level" format pattern to the drive, but
will serve to mark some sectors as "bad". However, it won't stop the rot
Roland Perry
From: Roland Perry on
In message <slrni23ego.5ab.spamspam(a)bowser.marioworld>, at 02:40:01 on
Wed, 23 Jun 2010, Ben C <spamspam(a)spam.eggs> remarked:

>The whole point of a RAID is you populate it with eight _different_
>drives, not 8 identical ones!

Nonsense. You *can* populate some controllers like that, but it's not
particularly useful unless you are extremely under-funded [1].

[1] I have one such setup, because I couldn't cheaply/easily source an
identical drive after one of the originals failed.
Roland Perry
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