From: bugbear on
Bowser wrote:

> the Brits are amazingly stupid.

Here's a deal. If you don't assume that all Brits
agree with their government(s), I'll do the same for you and
your government(s).

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Savageduck wrote:
> ...but were you armed with that badge of the photo-terrorist, the DSLR?

At the risk of turning one flamewar into another,
a P&S is more than capable of taking terrorist recce-shots.

From: Bruce on
On 25 Jun 2010 00:22:39 GMT, "Chris F.A. Johnson"
<cfajohnson(a)> wrote:

>On 2010-06-25, Bruce wrote:
>> You are in a completely different situation in Canada. Count yourself
>> lucky that Islamic terrorists have left Canada alone, at least so far.
> We catch them before they do anything:
> <>

Big deal. You have uncovered one plot.

Since September 11, 2001, the UK's security services have uncovered
around 45 plots before any damage could be done. They didn't uncover
two plots which resulted in attacks in 2005.

I think that neatly shows the difference in the threats faced by the
UK and Canada.

Canada's planned withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan in 2011 has
been well publicised since 2008 and that will also help keep Canada
less at risk than those nations - principally the USA and UK - who
will still have large numbers of troops there long after Canada has
pulled out.

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RichA wrote:
> So they do anything to fill their time.

From: Pete on
On 2010-06-25 04:41:53 +0100, tony cooper said:

> On Thu, 24 Jun 2010 18:40:10 -0700, John McWilliams wrote:
>> But were you 'armed' with tourist garb? Too many forms thereof, but
>> favorite is plaid Bermuda shorts with Madras shirt and baseball cap,
>> white socks and sandals.
> Watch it. With black socks and sandals you could be taken for
> English.

Tony, that's called "smart casual" here. Grey socks and sandals is
"casual", unfortunately. It amuses me that cameras sold in the UK have
auto red-eye removal, what we need is auto grey-sock removal.