From: prophet on
jollyrodgers wrote:

>> Later versions (DOpus 5, Magellan) were workbench-replacers that just
>> sucked up precious system resources. From what I've seen of the PC
>> versions, nothing much has changed.
> I never went past 4.12 for that reason on the Amiga but I
> only had 8mb of fast ram back then.
> Today with 1gb does it really matter, I don't think so.

It's not that it will eat up all of your memory at once, sure :-)
But just because we have more memory and computing power these days
doesn't mean we should throw efficiency out of the window.

I like my filemanagers to be dual-pane, small, fast and expandable. The
newer DOpus versions try to be "enhanced" explorer.exe's, and if I liked
explorer I wouldn't be using a filemanager in the first place :-)
DOpus 5 and up simply defeat their own purpose IMHO.

I know it's blasphemy here in a.c.f., but I use Total Commander (bought
and paid for). I found it to be one of the best PC equivalents to DOpus
4 (at least, when I was searching for one back in '95). These days,
there are plenty of them around, and a lot of them are freeware.
freeCommander is a very good example, gets better with each version.
Krusader for Linux is also pretty good.

btw, DOpus 4 is freeware now:
Might be useful for people still using Amiga's :-)