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python ldap recursive
Hi, I know perl Net::LDAP could do a recursive search call to LDAP. What I am running into with Python LDAP on the search call is that I would l have to wait for the search to complete to get the result. Where as with Perl recursive search call, I would get the result (not the completed result) back while the ... 15 Jul 2010 05:32
Cross-platform module that creates directory object with all fileattributes
Hi Tim, Can't help you with x-platform; but for Windows I can offer my winsys package. if f.readonly: print f.created_at, f I like your logical model - that's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing your code. Cheers, Malcolm ... 13 Jul 2010 18:37
M2Crypto-0.20.2, SWIG-2.0.0, and OpenSSL-1.0.0a build problem
Hi I'm trying to build M2Crypto on Mac OS X 10.6.4 against python2.5 (python2.6 fails in the same way), with SWIG 2.0.0 and OpenSSL 1.0.0a and it is failing with the following: 105 :info:build swigging SWIG/_m2crypto.i to SWIG/_m2crypto_wrap.c 106 :info:build swig -python -I/opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Pytho... 17 Jul 2010 20:37
adodb.NewADOConnection('postgres') returns None
Hi. I'm trying to use adodb for postgres. I had instaled in ubuntu 9.10 the adodb and psycopg2 module (sudo apt-get install python-adodb python-psycopg2) but when I put this import adodb print adodb.NewADOConnection('postgres') --> None but with print adodb.NewADOConnection('mysql') --> <adodb.adodb_mys... 16 Jul 2010 07:42
death of newsgroups (Microsoft closing their newsgroups)
• Death of Newsgroups plain text version follows. -------------------------------------------------- Death of Newsgroups Xah Lee, 2010-07-13 Microsoft is closing down their newsgroups. See: I use... 16 Jul 2010 04:28
Hi all, I have two objects that should both be able to alter a shared float. So i need something like a mutable float object, or a float reference object. Does anybody know if something like that exists? I know it's not hard to build, but I have a feeling that there should be a standard solution to it. ... 15 Jul 2010 06:36
Cross-platform module that creates directory object with allfile attributes
On 07/13/2010 10:56 AM, python(a) wrote: Any recommendations for a cross-platform module that creates a directory object with not only file names, but file attributes as well? Use cases: - Sort files by file size or date last modified - Filter files by read-only status I know I can u... 13 Jul 2010 13:07
executing python scripts within wx frames
Hi, I'm trying to make one of those frames thats similar to the wx python demo where a folder is filled with demo wx python scripts and there is one main script that opens the other ones in as different items in a tree/notebook. I've gotten most of it figured out except the part where the scripts are executed... 13 Jul 2010 18:37
Worship We Must
On 13.07.2010 05:16, nais-saudi wrote: The submission of man to His Creator is the essence of Islam. The submission of topic-related Bla to His Newsgroup is the essence of Posting. Learn it. Know it. Live it. ... 16 Jul 2010 03:23
if you choose this bag you will ged a loptop
http;// ... 13 Jul 2010 02:11
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