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Proc QLIM (bivariate probit)
Hi all, I have a problem with Proc QLIM (ETS) while doing bivariate probit estimation with some interactions. The estimation results were not as I expected! The following are the test codes I used: data a; do i = 1 to 500; x1 = rannor( 19283 ); x2 = rannor( 98721 ); ... 22 Jun 2006 15:25
Help - Gini's Coefficient
Hi, Can anyone suggest me the algorithm to calculate the Gini's Coefficient? I want to code the algorithm in SAS and want to plot the Lorenz curve. So that Gini's Coefficient can be calculated. Thanks in Advacne Regards, Puneet ... 13 Jun 2006 08:27
Hello, excuse me for the language, I am french. I have a trouble : I have a colum in a data base and with values of this column, I would like to create new var. ex : Name Sexe John Man Rita Woman I would like to have in my database : Name ... 19 May 2006 10:07
ODS Tagsets ExcelXP
Hello Everyone, I am using ODS Tagsets ExcelXP to export several datasets into Excel mutiple worksheets. I specified the worksheets' name using the following code. However .xls file I gets does not show me the worksheets name according to what I specified Another question is that I cannot do further calculatio... 10 May 2006 12:55
jackknife concept
hi. can anybody pls explain me the concept of Jackknife and Bootstrap? are they concerned with Regression alone? can this be used in prediction interval? thanks ... 22 May 2006 14:38
calculate variance
Hey, I have a dataset with 5 variables like the following: code year month bench_mo x; a 1994 1 12 0.21 a 1994 2 12 0.22 a 1994 3 12 0.26 ... a 1994 12 12 0.20 ... 24 Apr 2006 22:18
Example: using infile magic to parse SYSPARM for named parameters
<> Here's a method of using "infile magic" to parse the value of the &SYSPARM macro variable, which is valued by setting the SYSPARM system option, typically at execution. options sysparm='value=37.2 start=01jan2006, end=01mar2006... 14 Apr 2006 04:34
Help to open sasmacr.sas7bcat file
Hi All I have a question and I hope this is the place where I will get the answer. There are so many experienced and knowledgeable persons here. I have a code consist of 2 file one is sasmacr.sas7bcat and another is Later one is... option mstored mlogic mprint symbolgen sasmstore=PLIB; LIBNAME PLI... 7 Apr 2006 18:25
Problems loading MySQL, SAS/ACCESS
I have a job that ran last fall, reading a MySQL database with a libname statement and Proc SQL. Now it won't run. To simply things, I can generate the error using just the dbprompt= on the libname statement. Running proc catalog and proc nickname both show that the MySQL and ODBC engines are installed. This is ... 7 Apr 2006 14:15
macro CALMAR
hello everybody, I need some help!! My problem is: I have downloaded a sasmacro file (ext: .sas7bcat) and I can't use it in SAS software. I tried this : options mprint; %CALMAR(DATA=DON,POIDS=POND,IDENT=NOM, DATAMAR=MARGES,M=2,EDITPOI=OUI,OBSELI=OUI, DATAPOI=SORTIE,POIDSFIN=PONDFIN) and this appear: WA... 1 Apr 2006 01:05
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