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I need your help!
I have installed SAS 8.0, but when I launched it, the SAS message Log implied the next imformantion: ERROR: Library WORK does not exist. FATAL: Unable to initialize the options subsystem. (SASXKINI): PHASE 3 KERNEL INITIALIZATION FAILED. UNABLE TO INITIALIZE THE SAS KERNEL Because I'm not tht administrat... 17 Apr 2007 18:21
Thanks: Filename FTP timeing-out on Z/OS tapemount?
On Apr 12, 11:50 am, m...(a)OPTONLINE.NET (David Mabey) wrote: Thanks to everyone who contributed. I picked up some very useful tips. I find that when I run the job in the "Test Environement" using LSF, it completes without error. It appears that my problems were a result of the system settings on my develo... 12 Apr 2007 16:02
Trouble Connecting to SAS from Java using TelnetConnectClient via Spawner
Hi there, Well i am trying to establish a connection to SAS from Java using TelnetConnectClient with Spawner as my bridge , we are using SAS 9.1 version Not sure where i am goin wrong i am unable to establish a connection and getting an exception Plz check the cod... 12 Apr 2007 06:57
oslo(a) wrote: Does any one konow any referance on bayesian multilevel zero-inflated negative binom? all the best, Oslo Are your data really suited to such an analysis? Please write back to SAS-L first and explain what your data are, and where they come from, and how they were collected, ... 13 Apr 2007 16:37
Sample size estimation for Prescott's test
Madan.Kundu(a)RANBAXY.COM wrote: Dear ALL, Currently I am concentrating in planning of a 2x2 cross-over trial with binary response (preference - 0: Good; 1: Bad). And in this case I think Prescott's test would be an automatic choice. Now I wonder how to calculate required sample size for this trial so tha... 6 Apr 2007 07:29
Heckman Selection Model
It seems that there are at least two ways of conducting Heckman Selection Model in SAS. One way is to do it in two steps and in the first step to calculate inverse mill's ratio and apply it in the second step. And another way is to directly estimate two equations with a correlation coefficient rho generated. Doe... 4 Apr 2007 02:15
PROC EXPORT error "DBMS type EXCEL2000 not valid for export"
Change your DBMS option - DBMS=EXCEL is what I've been using successfully since moving to Office 2003. HTH, Carol Bristow 1655 N Fort Myer Dr Ste 925 Arlington, VA 22209 ph: 703.682.2612 fax: 703.528.3100 -----Original Message----- From: SAS(r) Discussion [mailto:SAS-L(a)LISTSERV.UGA.EDU] On Behalf Of ... 26 Mar 2007 02:47
Time-lag Repeated Measures Model
--- SR <learnsassam(a)YAHOO.COM> wrote: I want to analyze longitudinal data in which the predictor is measured at time T and response is measured at time T+1. I have the predictors measured longitudinally at unevenly spaced time points and have one year lag between predictor and response. Sample size ... 22 Mar 2007 12:50
if you run into problems with Spectre.... can always write to me. It is a free system, after all, so I won't be asking for any money if you do. The documentation can always be improved upon and I am aware that knowing so much about the system is a disadvantage when it comes to my documenting how to use it. 17 Mar 2007 09:27
internal source spool file has been truncated
I am using 8.2 unix sas. A program is precompiled to create a permanent "view", which is quite large in size, about 12Mb. Within the view, one can also find a number of macros. As I compiled the program, it created a log file. The log file contains a "NOTE" on each macro. The "NOTE" said, "The internal source spoo... 14 Mar 2007 21:19
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