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Read Excel data into SAS format
Read the data from Excel into SAS using whatever method you prefer. The SAS dataset will have 4 vars--- month, day, hour, min. Then this data step should do the job--- data yourdata2; set yourdata; format date mmddyy10. time1 hhmm8.2; date=mdy(month,day,1994); time1=hms(hour,min,00); time2=put(hour,z2.... 30 Aug 2006 18:47
Help: fuzzy match in string
hey, I'm trying to extract US States from a character string... true to from, the dataentry inclueds many misspellings and both full names and appriviations. So far, I'm using a few of the built in SAS functions ( & mods of them) for testing the SCANs to see if they are valid, and they work fairly well. Does an... 30 Aug 2006 00:03
Accessing SPDS Server
All, I'm trying to connect to an SPDS Server domain on another Unix server from SAS9.1.3. I am getting an "engine not found" error: 1 LIBNAME CTS49DTL SASSPDS "Detail" USER="????" PASSWORD=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOST=yyyyyyyyyy Serv=5150; ERROR: The SASSPDS engine cannot be found. I also get the same ... 24 Aug 2006 07:44
Reading DB2 files in MVS
Why not take advantage of the db2 system, instead of attempting to continue to read them as flat files? You <may> read them directly (sas can read vsam), or have db2 dump you a flat file--but why would you? Something tells me that you truly aren't using every last record from that flat file.... My suggestion i... 24 Aug 2006 07:43
problem connecting to oracle database using SAS
kunalpkelkar(a)AIM.COM wrote: Hi All, I am facing some problem while connecting to oracle database using SAS. Please help me as I am unable to find out what is the exact problem. I have pasted the SAS log below: 247 proc sql; 248 Connect To ORACLE(dsn=abc User=kunalkelkar Password=XXXXXXX ); ... 25 Aug 2006 00:20
Invoking .Exe files in SAS
Hi , I want to invoke .exe file using SAS program, could someone please give me alternatives to X-Command or Call system commands. When I use X-Command or Call system command I'm getting the following errors. Error when I use call system command is : WARNING: Shell escape is not valid in this SAS ses... 24 Aug 2006 07:43
SCAN function
Hi All, I have to use the scan function to get the '-4th' value for a string, but sometimes the '-3rd' field of that string is a missing value. For example, I have a string like this: abc, def, ght, hugdy, bshdgeyrt, 234, 5476, 037199, , 03/12/2006, 01/07/2007 I wanna get the value '037199'. Since I have to... 3 Aug 2006 10:53
Identifying Missing Values
After running my program, I received the messages that "74 observations are not included because of missing values" in the log file. Based on the file that I imported, there should only be 43 missing values (denoted with a "."). Is there anyway to get SAS to show me what values are being considered "missing"... 30 Jul 2006 19:34
Converting a SPSS file to SAS with Value and Variable labels
Hi, I have a huge SPSS file which I need to read in to SAS. I have saved the SPSS file as .POR format and subsequently read it in to SAS. Issue is Iam not able to read in the value labels from SPSS to SAS. Whats the best approach for the same. I have more than 1000 variables and many such files. I have trie... 27 Jul 2006 20:42
Is it possible to run a SAS program in Excel ?
At 10:02 PM 6/28/2006, xamil wrote: Hi, folks: Is it possible to run a SAS (macro)program imbeded in VBA in Excel, yes ... but think you be better off already haveing a SAS pgm writtent and simpley call it from w/i Excel and run the SAS program by clicking the RUN command button created in Excel, y... 4 Jul 2006 11:44
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