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[Samba] Samba, Snow Leopard, and Windows 7
Has anyone successfully got a version of Samba to work on Snow Leopard that would allow Windows 7 machines to join OS X Server PDC Domain? Jason -- To unsubscribe from this list go to the following URL and read the instructions: https://lists.sam... 29 Apr 2010 14:40
[Samba] 212GB log file generated for a workstation
Had a server fill up completely with a samba workstation log file. The log file repeatedly had this information [2010/04/29 04:00:01, 0] smbd/notify_inotify.c:inotify_handler(240) No data on inotify fd?! about a billion times. In my smb.conf Ihave max log size = 50 set, so I was hoping the log file would... 29 Apr 2010 11:14
Samba 3.3.12/3.4.7/3.5.2 on "ancient" server stops responding/dies
En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit: I'm attaching the complete level 10 log, here's an extract at the time The complete log has been scrubbed by the list. It's available here: Bye -- Luca Olivetti Wetron Automatización S.A. Tel. +34 93 5883004 (Ex... 30 Apr 2010 04:00
[Samba] Samba 3.3.12/3.4.7/3.5.2 on "ancient" server stops responding/dies
Hello, I'm trying to upgrade samba (TPTB are going to introduce win7 workstations) on my old server (mandrake 10.0) currently running 3.0.11. I setup a virtual machine to do some testing and I built rpms for 3.5.2 (apart from the other problems it has this one ... 29 Apr 2010 10:06
[Samba] Samba Domain Controller propegation time
Hi List, I’ve got a tricky task set out for me. We’re using CentOS 4.8 as a Samba Domain Controller (3.0.33) yes I know it’s ancient,but it’s solid. I need to update this to a version that will support Windows7 work stations using domain security. I’m pretty sure I can bring the Samba ver... 29 Apr 2010 10:06
[Samba] PDC: System SID missing / inconsistent with domain SID
Hello, I recently noticed a problem on our PDC (samba 3.0.32 on SLES 10 SP2) which I kind of know how to solve after web research but I am unclear about the possible consequences for our domain and clients. The situation is this: Originally samba was set up on this machine to test. Back then its hostname was... 29 Apr 2010 06:45
[Samba] wbinfo -a fails plaintext auth; passes challenge/response
Once again, I am trying to add a machine to my Win2003 AD (that has Services for Unix installed). I am using Xubuntu 9.10, and samba 3.4.0. I set up Kerberos, and am getting a ticket. I have successfully joined the domain. # net ads join -U administrator Enter administrator's password: Using short domain name -... 29 Apr 2010 01:19
[Samba] looking for up-to-date documentation on trusts
The Samba How-To Documentation is very out of date- at least for the section on Interdomain trusts (Apr 2003, doesn't mention anything beyond Windows 2000.) ..html The change notes also stop at that samba 3.0.x series http://www.s... 28 Apr 2010 21:58
nslookup from Windows resolves domain and pdc correctly but still gets cannot contact on samba 3.2.5-4 on lenny
On 04/28/2010 06:55 AM, Siju George wrote: Hi, I have installed ii samba 2:3.2.5-4lenny9 a LanManager-like file and printer server for Unix ii samba-common 2:3.2.5-4lenny9 Samba common files used by both the server and the c... 28 Apr 2010 11:43
ntconfig.pol decode tool (?)
> is there any tool that would dump a plain-text version of ntconfig.pol? JFYI, I solved it like this: on debian/ubuntu: aptitude install libparse-win32registry-perl I'm sure your favorite distro also has the same package. Thanks, -- To unsubscribe from this list go to the following URL and read the... 28 Apr 2010 11:43
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