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SQL 2008 - Policy Management
Hi all, I'm currently studying SQL server with a view to take exam 70-432 soon. I'm looking at the chapter on Policy-Based Management and I came across something which I hope someone here can explain. While I was reading around the subject of policies, I found a couple of places gave an example of implement... 7 May 2010 18:58
MS ACCESS & SQL 2005 Security
We have a 3rd party database that is weak when it comes to security. In order to use a particular tool, users require access to custom db roles which have upd/ins/del permissions on the back end database. We have published this tool through citrix. The business users now wish to access the database using MS Ac... 7 May 2010 10:03
multiple SQL Jobs running
I have a customer that is having issues with SQL jobs being duplicated. The SQL jobs include db backups and data imports. The result of this issue is that there would be duplicate backup (.bak) files and multiple data imports. This fill up disk space fast and the data imports are corrupted. If I stop SQL Agen... 5 May 2010 21:37
Performance Benchmark for SQL 2000 & 2005
I would like to do a performance benchmark of SQL Server 2000 and 2005 on our current hardware resources to plan for a future hardware upgrade. Is there any link, resource or tool that can help me to do this. Your response is appreciated. ... 5 May 2010 16:03
Deploy a DDL trigger to prevent dropping tables for mulitpledatab
I never really use triggers but I'm almost certain your trigger will need to be added to each database individually. Alternatively - find the blighter who's deleting your $hit - and give them a whooping. Problem solved. :-) ... 5 May 2010 16:03
SQL server 2005 multicore problem with 'where column like' sqlcommand
Good job on the book Erland - I have it sitting on my desk right now :-) I didn't realise the royalties went to charity - even better job ;-) S Erland Sommarskog wrote: Motobit (info(a) writes: We have two systems: - new one dual procesor quad core 2,5 GHz W 2008 64, 24GB RAM + SQL 20... 5 May 2010 16:03
Deploy a DDL trigger to prevent dropping tables for mulitple datab
The SQL 2005 server I am using has mulitple databases. The database MyDB is one of them. I make a DDL trigger to prevent deleting columns in tables in MyDB. Here is the script to make the trigger: CREATE TRIGGER Safety ON DATABASE FOR ALTER_TABLE AS RAISERROR ('Table schema cannot be modified in databas... 6 May 2010 13:06
Log backup file is larger than the .ldf file
My transaction log has a fixed size of 2 GB. Every once in a while our transaction log .trn backup files can be 15 GB or larger. Prior to recent weeks, I had assumed that the .trn file would never be larger than the actual ..ldf log file. I guess the fact that it is happening must be normal - but could someo... 6 May 2010 11:57
We are running SQL Server 2008 enterprise. I am attempting to change the data type on a column from int to bigint using the following command: ALTER TABLE dbo.jkAudit ALTER COLUMN jkAudit_UID bigint When the above command is executed I get the following error: Msg 1934, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 ALTER TABLE... 5 May 2010 19:25
SQL Standards
Could somebody point me to or, perhaps, could share a sql server application developer guide describing, amongst other things, dos and don'ts of query processing like use of host variable, choosing optimal transaction size, etc... Thanks in advance ... 9 May 2010 23:05
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