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"drop allocation unit" error in SQL 2005.
Hello All, SQL 2005 Standard 64 bit SP 2 (version 9.0.3054) on Win 2003 Standard 64 bit. Randomly, but about each hour, we can see an error message like this in the SQL Server error log: Error [36, 17, 145] occurred while attempting to drop allocation unit ID 479955200573440 belonging to worktable with p... 26 Jul 2007 11:17
SQLH2 - sql server 2005 x64
SQLH2 is failing to see the sql server 2005 x64. I get the error message in the log file to the effect: ========================================== Scanning Registry on dev_server 02/07/2007 01:08:03 WARNING: No SQL Server instances registered on the box ================================================ I have re... 5 Jul 2007 08:50
I recently started seeing a new description in the deadlock event. Anyone have any idea what the underlying issue might be?? "Parallel query worker thread was involved in a deadlock" Thanks Richard ... 26 Jun 2007 02:58
Memory problems
Hi, I'm seeing some errors in the SQL server error logs: -Downgrading backup log buffers from 1024K to 64K -AppDomain 14 (MVXEDU.JBNET\dbryan[runtime].13) is marked for unload due to memory pressure. -Not enough memory was available for trace when trying to run profiler My server is Win 2003 R2 Enterprise Ed... 15 May 2007 16:45
SQL Agent 2005
Does anyone know if SP2 corrects this problem with the on-idle definition? "Exception 5 caught at line 431 of file t:\yukon\sql\komodo\src\core\sqlagent\src\job.cpp. SQLServerAgent initiating self-termination" Thank you! ... 17 May 2007 17:00
i want xpweb90.exe thank you From Posted via Groups ... 22 Apr 2007 15:36
Hi, I have just installed ERwin data modeler and can't seem to get past the 'connection manager'. In 'Master dafatase' I have put: master but it is saying invalid object master..m7License. I have enteretd the license keys during installation. Do I have to make any changes in the database too? Thanks ... 28 Mar 2007 10:20
connection issue
Created a script to restore db. it drops all connection first then it waits for 5 minutes just incase there are jobs running. problem is after it kills all the users and then it waits 5 minutes before it drops the db another users can connect to the db. Any idea on what I can do so no one connects to the db ... 21 Mar 2007 12:34
This sometimes happens when you have Sybase bcp in the path. Run bcp /v from SQLH2 folder to find out. If that's the case you need to make sure MS bcp is first in the path, so it gets called. "EmeraldDBA" wrote: I installed SQLH2 - followed directions closely :). All seem to work as described, except fo... 15 Mar 2007 19:44
Cannot bulk load. Invalid column number in the format file
Here's the error I'm getting: Cannot bulk load. Invalid column number in the format file "d:\comed \ComEd Prospect Upload.fmt". ================================================= Here's the format file I'm using. I can't figure it out: 8.0 95 1 SQLCHAR 0 255 "~" ... 7 Mar 2007 17:53
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