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Trouble Installing Cumulative Update 2 to SQL Server 2008 SP1, Hotfix KB958186
I have been trying to apply CU2 to my MS SQL 08 which is SP1, version 10.0. 2531.0 1) I got the hotfix (SQLServer2008-KB958186-x64.exe) from Microsoft and extract it to my C: drive. 2) I double click to open SQLServer2008-KB958186-x64.exe and it does extracts a folder to my e drive. 3) Program entitled "... 5 Nov 2009 14:33
The top wait_type on my SQL 2005 x64 Standard box is SOS_Scheduler_Yield. I've read that this may indicate a CPU bottleneck. I've also run the following query SELECT scheduler_id, current_tasks_count, runnable_tasks_count FROM sys.dm_os_schedulers WHERE scheduler_id < 255 and found that runnable_tasks_... 19 Nov 2009 17:30
Does anyone know what the transaction_status2 field in the SYS. DM_TRAN_ACTIVE_TRANSACTIONS DMV is used for? I am tracking down an issue with a sleeping connection holding page and object locks. I've been able to track down the rest of the fields, but this one has a value of 323 which looks nothing like any other r... 4 Nov 2009 08:37
Start cube processing using TSQL - RobRom
Check this out: RobRom wrote: Start cube processing using TSQL 18-May-07 Hello, I am using SQL Server 2000. Is it possible to process a cube using Transact SQL instead of the use of the Analys... 3 Nov 2009 02:46
SQL Server 2008 SP1 Installation Problems
I have just downloaded SQL Server 2008 SP1 and I am problems installing this on my laptop. My laptop is running Vista Home Premium SP2 with 4 GB RAM and 2.1 GHz Processor. I have download the exe file and when I run this the installer extracts some files to a temp folder on me C drive, it then launches a di... 3 Nov 2009 03:51
Join 2 Queries
New to SQL and I need a list of the customer numbers in the 2nd query that match customer numbers from the first. SELECT dbo.tblOrder.CustomerNumber FROM dbo.tblOrder INNER JOIN dbo.tblShipment ON dbo.tblOrder.OrderID = dbo.tblShipment.OrderID Where ShipmentDt Between '9/1/2007' and '12/25/2008... 2 Nov 2009 16:51
rebulid master db
I am rebuilding master db on SQL Server 2008 cluster and I get following error: "The State of your SQL Server Installation was not changed after the setup execution. please review the summary.txt for future details. error code 0x84B30002 message in sumary.log Exception summary: ----------------------... 6 Nov 2009 17:03
Flag T4616
Hello I have question about flag T4616 what effect will be after set up this flag, and for what is this falg ? Sql Server 2005 Best regards. Artur ... 30 Oct 2009 04:36
strawberry perl and sql server
I need to connect to sql server from strawberry perl. Is anyone aware of any free driver for this. thanks. ... 29 Oct 2009 18:46
"Send Report to an Email Recipient" checkbox after SQL 2008 SP1
Hello, I have applied SQL Server 2008 service pack 1 and now I am not able to check/uncheck the "Send Report to an Email Recipient" check box once a new maintenance plan is created. The check box is greyed out. Anyone else seen this or know how to activate the checkbox again? Thanks, Jon ... 5 Nov 2009 13:25
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