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SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 Upgrade. Upgrade advisor Errors
I am running the SQL 2005 Upgrade advisor on a SQL 2000 box and I keep getting the following messages on the following objects. Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. on the following objects. FTPROPS DROPSYSOBJ HOSTIDRETURN COL... 17 Jan 2010 05:07
Big Buffer cache hit Ratio
I am using sys.dm_os_performance_counters and sys.sysperfinfo to obtain information for Buffer cache hit Ratio but I am very surpriced to se the values of 3000, 6000, 2888 and similar all greater than 1000 this is common behaviour on all my SQL 2005 servers - production and developement, On SQL server 2008 I... 2 Feb 2010 17:35
SQL Server 2008 Standard Per Device CALs question
Hi group, I cannot find information how to manage SQL Server CALs. I need to know how many CALs are already used and etc. Where can I find such information? Thank You ... 14 Jan 2010 22:31
Hello, where can I find this function? I'm looking int system view, but I can't find this function... Can anyone tell me the right way? Thanks in advance ... 14 Jan 2010 05:47
Problem with MS DTC on SQL2008 win server 2k8 with linked server from sql2000 wi
Hi, We have migrated our db from sql2000 win server 2k to sql2008 win server 2k8. We have linked server from sql2000 win server 2k. By our opinion the problem is with DTC and we have made a lot of setting that we found as solution for our problem, but still the problem exist. There is no any error or worning or ... 13 Jan 2010 23:19
Hi. I have a column of datatype datetime in sql server 2000. Problem is when i export tha data of the table through BCP the date format is in the exported file is 2008-01-16 00:00:00.000. I want tha format to be like 16/01/2008. Regards, Muhammad Bilal ... 13 Jan 2010 04:22
Wait Stats on SQL2005
Is 11 seconds of total waits during the course of an hour, negligable? If not, why? Thanks in advance ... 14 Jan 2010 18:05
Database Mirroring and Insert Statement
In SQL Server 2005, in Dev environment, the application takes 10-15 minutes to insert 129,000 records but in prod it takes 2 hours. Dev is not set up for database mirroring but prod is set up for database mirroring. The database is identical and server hardware in prod is better. There is no other activity happ... 11 Jan 2010 13:09
SQL backup to compressed folder
Could you help me to find answer, if I can use following solution for my SQL backup please? I have local backup drive for my SQL 2008 Standard Edition server (installed on Windows 2008) which is almost out of space. Unfortunately I found that only SQL 2008 EE supports direct backup compressions so I'm not able... 11 Jan 2010 05:25
Backup file size
Hello, [SQL2000] We have a scheduled Nightly job that backup the database from Server1 across the network to Server2. The backup is spread across 3 files - \\server2\share1\file1.BAK, \\server2\share1\file2.BAK & \\server2\share2\file1.BAK. Now, my boss wants to know the size of these files after the bac... 11 Jan 2010 01:07
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