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SharePoint Collation
On my SQL Server 2008 system, I just tried to create a new database for my SharePoint farm config database (WSS 3.0) and I can create it using the server's collation (SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS) but SharePoint doesn't like that, it wants Latin1_General_CI_AS_KS_WS. So, I dropped the db, and when I tried recr... 11 Dec 2009 15:51
SQL2005 - backing up a database in standby mode
Was wondering if anyone knows of a way to backup databases that are on standby mode? Basically i have a disaster recovery enviornment that is offsite and we periodically test our DR implementation which requires those db's to be brought online. Our databases are synchronized thru Log Shipping but we have quite ... 14 Dec 2009 05:33
cannot open backup device
On a SBS2008 with SQL2008 SP1 whe take full backups of all the databases during the night. On the last database we receice an error. In the logfile of sql we find : - error 3201 - Cannot open backup device 'SDE_SQL_TOOLKIT_00__39efe588_5b18_4d07_a4cc_6c3512e839b5_'. Operating system error 0x80070002(failed... 11 Dec 2009 04:48
Sql Server Indexing With Two or More Columns
I got a question with indexing. If I create an index and select 2 or more columns, what is the difference with that and creating 2 (or more separate ) indexes for them? Thanks --- ... 13 Dec 2009 09:56
SQL Server Output Buffer
I have a .sql file with about at least 70-80 different sql statements in any order (insert, update, delete) . I ran it in ssms successfully, but it didnt run some of the statements. The statements that didnt run will only run successfully if run by itself. How do I ensure every statement successfull fires? I... 7 Dec 2009 04:10
Collation settings
I'm going through a 2005 Install lesson and it is saying to change the default collation to: Latin1_General with a Binary sort order. Well Latin1_General is normal enough, but why would they want to change the default sort order? ... 5 Dec 2009 15:10
very slow SQL client
I'm using Lytec software that uses MS SQL server to connect three computers using XP home. One computer has gradually become very slow when connecting to the server. Time out errors have occured, ie 0x80004005 error code HYT00. Any idea what might be causing this? The other computers are still very fast over th ... 6 Dec 2009 10:37
Reducing a database
Hello, I want to reduce a database in SQL Server 2000. The problem is that it has the datafiles with a initial size very high. I've done a logical backup, done a command script for generating the database, but I've changed the initial size of database to a size very short in that script. Then, I create the dat... 4 Dec 2009 08:28
SSRS sevice start with error after clean 2008 install?
New machine with 2003 R2 SP2 & SQL 2008 SP1. the SSRS have error to start, and after two fail, the service start. the problem seem like SSRS start before DB start. Here the Log file, and Event msg: 2009-12-01 16:04:21.81 Server Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP1) - 10.0.2531.0 (X64) Mar 29 2009 10:11:52 Cop... 2 Dec 2009 16:43
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