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SQL Agent job failure
All, I have a job to take transaction log backup every 15 mins. Today morning the job failed while it was taking transaction log backup of the databases. When I checked for the job failure reasons I got the follwoing information from the below sources Job Output File --------------- Msg 49999, Sev 19: F... 15 Dec 2006 05:59
View SQLDmpr.mdmp File
Is there a program that I can use to view the SQLDmpr.mdmp file? Thanks, ... 14 Dec 2006 12:28
Multi server administration broken in SQL Server 2005
configuration for tsx/msx is set (by default) to only allow certified servers. Google search on "msx2005" and /or security. There is a registry entry you need to change to allow servers w/o certificates in msx/tsx configuration. "Marc Mertens" wrote: Hello, When I try to setup multiserver adm... 7 Dec 2006 12:48
SQL Server Service Logon Account Problem
Our server team recently migrated all of our user accounts and servers from one domain to another domain that's configured using Active Directory. Since then, my SQL Server 2005 service will no longer startup. I tried resetting the service logon account using the SQL Server Configuration Manager so that it wo... 30 Nov 2006 19:43
Information came from sql error log.
Hi, Can someone explain the following info came from sql server error log? This is the two node (active/passive) cluster SQL Server 2005 (with SP1) and OS is Windows 2003 (64 bit, attached to SAN) named instance database server. 11/28/2006 12:10:21 PM [298] SQL Server Error: 10004, Communication link failu... 30 Nov 2006 23:32
How to setup Database Mail for SQLS 2005
Hello, I have attempted to send test email from SQL Server Management Studio - Management - Database Mail, without success. Current setup information... System information: The OS is Windows XP SP2. SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition (9.0.2047) IIS is installed and IIS admin service is started SMTP service... 6 Nov 2006 13:01
Hi, I wrote a Java program which connects to SQL Serve 2005 and used prepared statements. I got the following error: No TDS_RET_STATUS was found for the stored procedure output parameters. Do you have any idea? Thanks a lot. ... 1 Nov 2006 08:20
Transaction Log Backup Failure
Hi, I have job to take transaction log backup. The job failed with the below error message " Msg 49999, Sev 19: Failed to login to SQL Server [SQLSTATE HY000] Msg 0, Sev 19: 2006-10-06 05:04:01 Log backup of 'Products' to f:\mssql$viper\backup\Products\SQLTST22_PRODUCTS.PRODUCTS.Log.SLP.20061006050401.BAK. [SQ... 5 Oct 2006 21:13
SQL Agent service runs but jobs don't
I have had this problem a couple of times on the server. The SQL Agent would be running but it would not start any new schedueld jobs. Restarting the SQL Agent Service puts everything back to normal and jobs start to execute on schedule. The error in the SQL Agent log is: [382] Logon to server '' failed (JobMa... 1 Oct 2006 18:03
error 904 Database %ld cannot be autostarted during server shutdown or startup.
Env: 32-bit SQL 2005 SP1 (9.00.2047.00), running under x64 Win2003 SP1. I have two databases, X and Y. Here is the sequence of what I did: 1. From SQL Management Studio, under Object browser, I renamed database X to X.old, and then renamed Y to X. 2. I ran some queries via DMO, I got the Error 904, "Database 16 ... 27 Sep 2006 15:42
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