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link from sql2005 (64-bit) to sql 7 (32-bit).
Hi: I'm trying to link from sql2005 (64-bit) SP1 to sql 7 (32-bit) SP4. I get the following error: OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "sql7" returned message "Unspecified error". OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "sql7" returned message "The stored procedure required to complete this operation ... 20 Jun 2006 10:03
No report builder models.
When I open up Report Builder I cannot do anything in it. I can select a matrix, table or chart layout, but the OK button is greyed out. If i try to open a report that I have locally, I get this error "System.IO.StreamReader: The Report element was not found." I am an admin on Reporting Services. In the b... 23 Jun 2006 04:20
log shipping in sql enterprise 2000 error when running sp_change_monitor_role
Guys, I followed lots of technical white paper to set up the log shipping. All steps perform are sucessful until I ran sp_change_monitor_role. I would get this error below when I run it on the monitoring server (secondary server in the beginning): Server: Msg 14442, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_change... 16 May 2006 03:27
Event 833
I have recently noticed this error appearing in the Application Event Log: Source: MSSQLSERVER Event ID: 833 Description: SQL Server has encountered 1 occurence(s) of I/O requests taking longer than 15 seconds to complete on file [T:\MSSQL\Data\tempdb.mdf] I am seeing some entries where the count is 25,000 or... 20 Apr 2006 11:28
Robust Plan
Folks, I am getting the follwoing error: "cannot sort a row of size 8192, which is greater than the allowable maximum of 8094" . Doing the research around the web, I found a solution which had be using Option "Robust Plan" as a part of the query. I am getting another error "Warning: The query processor... 19 Apr 2006 14:00
Editing Maintenance Plans in SQL 2005
I've installed Integration Services which finally allowed me to create a backup maintenance plan with the wizard. Now that I have my backup plan, I would like to add a Maintenance clean up tasks to remove old backups. Once I've added this task, I cannot edit the task. In fact, I am unable to edit any Maintenance ta... 12 Apr 2006 13:38
distributed transaction MSQL<->oracle
I'm trying to execute this: create table #tt (nro_parte_erp varchar(50)) declare @query as varchar(4000) declare @estado as char set @estado='1' set @query =' select nro_parte_erp= nro_parte from openquery(desarrollo_baan,'' select nro_parte, from BAAN.ORDENES_102 a,baan.set_of_cim_102 b where a.orden... 1 Mar 2006 07:43
CryptUnprotectData: Win32 error:-2146893813 after windows update
Yesterday I installed the latest security updates from Ms on my winXPSP2. Now when I try to connect with the object explorer to an SQLServer I get the following error: CryptUnprotectData: Win32 error:-2146893813 It has something to do with the JIT compiler I asume. When trying to connect with a new query there... 22 Feb 2006 07:59
Cannot start SQL Server 2005 service
I have a SQL Server 2005 instance installed. I have created databases and schema on the SQL Server. I cannot start the service for the SQL Server. I ahve tried using every account possible. It always errors out with the following message: initerrlog: Could not open error log file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft S... 14 Feb 2006 12:19
SQLSERVERAGENT - Alert Engine - 322
I have a MS SQL Server 2000 (SP3) on a Windows Server 2000 (SP4) computer. I'm reseived next message in the Event Log: Source: SQLSERVERAGENT Category: Alert Engine ID: 322 The data portion of event 19002 from MSSQLSERVER is invalid. What's the problem? Michael S. Androsov ... 31 Jan 2006 02:50
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