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Randy (obviously) said:

"You've written a very low-end assembler, only slightly above the level
of the toys that several hackers have set out to create when they
decided they were going to write an assembler. You *have* put a lot of
effort (seven years!) into ancillary products such as editors,
debuggers, disassemblers, and the like. But your assembler is pretty
weak as far as assemblers go."

RosAsm is even "strong" compared to the most in use HLLs, like C++/C#
and such. It is the most efficent to install, the most efficient to
use, and the most efficent way of creating efficient programs.

For instance, the RosAsm way of declearing data is superior to anything
I have seen. It sources organisation is the best ever seen, its syntax
the most intuitive ever seen, and the run time debugger is very good,
and many times a huge time saver.

HLA cannot even be in the competition. HLA is slow, have a very wierd
syntax, and is an 8 years PROTOTYPE. :))) Plus it is written as an
educational tool only. Last time I read some propaganda regarding what
a "prototype" was, (from the education department) the reason for it
was that it was something that was done to quickly have some working
"proof of concept". :))) Imo, an excuse for using VB?
Randall just bashed me saying two years is long time, but 8 years is
short time for prototyping a textconverter? :)

I am starting getting pretty bored from answering to your repeated lies
and swindelings, Randall. But with people like you some reply is
unavoidable. Because the state of the world seem to show that when
little people does not answer to lies, a huge part of people are
allowing themself to get ignorant. Ignorant masses will ask for
ignorant solutions. And we all hurt from this.

When I first saw RosAsm, it was an eyeopener to me. I was previously a
Delphi/Pascal programmer. 10 years at least. RosAsm was the answer to
my dreams for what a programming tool could ever become. And what
amazed me the most was how incredibly easy it was to make the
transition. The reason is that there are very few incoherent solutions
provided by RosAsm. The solutions offered are their own explaination in
many cases, which leaves few unanswered questions. This is actuallly
very hard to accomplish. Just try it. HLA on the other hand, need tons
of explanations. This is because his every dessision raises TONS of
questions. Why? Why parantesis? Why change an established syntax for no
reason. Why do I need an illegal download of MASM in order to run HLA.
(or legal FASM theese days) Why do I need a real assembler to use HLA?
If HLA is an assembler, why the need for another assembler? Why is
there a whole chapter dedicated to installing HLA in one of the PDFs at
Randys site. Why does the author need 1000++ pages to explain his
product. Why why why ? Why Randy uses C++, Bison and such tools for his
own work, while pretending to speak for the benfits of asm? Why is the
author so defensive when speaking of HLA. Why he has 5 millon hits at
webster, and exactly one users? Why he belive in things that does not

RosAsm on the other hand makes asm as easy as HLL. How can this be

It is simply because asm _IS_ easy, but we have had traditionally some
VERY awkward tools to do asm in. It is those tools that have created
the impression that asm is hard,and using such tools certainly make asm
seem allmost impossible to a beginner, at first look. For instance,
when reading the manuals for TASM, I was overwhelmend with the allmost
insane amount of DIRECTIVES that was listed there. Using RosAsm I need
NO directives. Just start and run, select file/new/PE with menus, and
you are ready to go. Installing RosAsm is a matter of unpacking the
zip, and doubleclick the icon. And having ready to run tutorials and
template apps you can tinker with, is a huge advantage to learning.
Imo, the best way to learn, is to interact with some allready running
template app. Rosasm wins because the tool itself is not an obstruction
to the work beeing done with it. HLA is without any chance, because it
complicates everything, including the writing of the code itself.

From: the-o/-/annabee on
"Yes. With cut and paste, RosAsm users can crank out "megas" of code in
six months. I wonder why other assembler users can't do this?"

Why dont you write a 74K pdf on cut and paste ? :))

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"the\-\o/-/annabee" <faq(a)> ?crivait

> If the HLA bible was extremly useful or interessting the way it is now,
> there would be an AVALANCHE of post in the ng, and millions of HLA
> supporters.
> I can spot one HLA programmer (sevag) and one Troll, and one sucker :)
> If this is his "crop" from 5 00 000 hits, this will explain a lot.

Yes. This one another well known method of Master
Pdf who seems to apply the same tips&tricks as in
medias selling: Claimed success supposed to generates
real success. Does not seem to always work...



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"hutch--" <hutch(a)> ?crivait news:1132532154.098191.186910

> Yeah yeah we have all heard this bullsh*t before but its still broken,
> cannot handle the BIG stuff like MASM can

Oh!... MASM can handle BIGGER stuff than RosAsm.
Then, why do you write your Applications in Power

How is it that, when i challenge you to compare
the speed of RosAsm to MASM's one, with middle
size Applications (not even big size Apps...),
you have nothing to compare with?... and have
no other answer but absurd artificial synthetic
Sources, built on purpose, to show the resverse
of all known facts...



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From: Betov on
"hutch--" <hutch(a)> ?crivait news:1132530635.212547.70060

>> C-Like Structures are nothing but hidden implicit
>> Equates, and Assembly is a Language that _SHOWS_.
> Yeah yeah, pull the other leg, an assembler than cannot use structures
> with other nested structures and unions is a KIDZ TOY.

How sad...

Too bad that you do not understand at what extend
this sentence is absurd. If you were an Assembly
Programmer, instead of a Power Basic Programmer,
you would easily understand that Displacement
Equates, from a Base, cannot have any problem
with rendering nested Structures and unions.

The fact that you fail to understand such a simple
thing, shows clearly at what extend the C-Like
HLLisms may be confusing, and why Assembly must
keep away from these.


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