From: Scott W on
Don wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Apr 2006 09:21:05 -0400, Raphael Bustin <foo(a)>
> wrote:
> >Don's posts are some of the
> >longest you'll see anywhere on USENET.
> ...
> >He responds point-by-point to any criticism, however
> >slight, to explain with mountains of words that the
> >fault can't possibly lie in his logic.
> I know it's a very hard concept to grasp, but that's called being
> thorough, consistent and respecting every counter point.

How can you be thorough and not post an image to back up your claim?

Why do we need to talk about why Rafe's image in not valid?
Why do we need to talk about the theory of jpeg compression?
Why not simply post an image that shows what you believe to be true?


From: Scott W on
Golden wrote:
> A newbie will go: Duh. I dunno. He's serious and he explains
> everything. All they do is rant and taunt him.
> Anyway. Whatever. Let's just drop it, OK?

Do you wonder why he has not provided an image?


From: Don on
On Tue, 25 Apr 2006 11:07:01 -0400, "rafe b" <rafeb(a)> wrote:

>> I do not know who is right and who is wrong because all that is over my
>> head.
>Why make that assumption? Why not just try it and see?

Because your insults have driven him away.

Not to speak for Joe but since he appears to have gone back to
lurking, here's the key point you "accidentally" overlooked:

--- start ---
On 25 Apr 2006 07:23:54 -0700, "Joe" <Joe_Nanaimo(a)> wrote:

>But he does not go on and on trying to pick a fight and provoke someone
>who is ignoring him. To me that is a Good Thing.
>So even if what you say is true I like much more what he does to what
>his many critics do.
--- end ---

That's what you should be answering because pretending to be all
reasonable all of a sudden is not fooling anyone.

And I can see why. Sure, we all may have lashed out at one time or
another but reasonable people realize it, apologize and move on.

They don't go on for weeks, in essence, having a flame war with
themselves. No wonder people are turned off and question credibility
of such protracted outbursts.

From: Golden on
>Do you wonder why he has not provided an image?

No I don't! He tried calming things down many times but all yous guys
do is call him an idiot. From where I sit only an idiot responds to

The only thing I wonder is how he managed to stay so cool after weeks
of provocations. I'm telling ya man, I sure couldn't! I guess that
makes me an idiot too.

Anyway, and for the last time. Let's burry this puppy, OK?


From: Golden on
>>Why make that assumption? Why not just try it and see?
>Because your insults have driven him away.

Come on Don. I'm on your side man, but let's all just drop it! All

As Joe said you won the moral victory by taking the high road so don't
spoil it all now.


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