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: Agreed. And your thinly veiled foul language is not clever either. Sign of
: poor vocabulary.

It's called circumventing the spam filter, numbwit. That said, any coward
who uses a stupid handle and not their real identity is one click up from a
troll. No one will take you seriously, expect the other anonymous dimwits.

Hmm. As I don't know you I would not dream of classing you as a numbwit or a
coward or even 'one click up from a troll.' (Should that be a 'supertroll'
do you think?). It would be presumptive. And you may for all I know be a
good fellow. But your judgement of me, whom you also don't know, is somewhat
presumptive. Nonetheless I maintain my dislike of the language you used and
the unfriendly tone of your reply to the op. I've good reason to be anon,
having suffered a great deal of spam in the past. I haven't found that this
stops sensible literate people from responding at all. If it stops you it
may be good thing, all things considered....

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But he doesn't care... He says so. <g>

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> Try wasting your negative energy, instead use your energy on something
> positive and constructive. You will find it much more rewarding than
> blackening your soul.
> "C. Kevin Provance" wrote:
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>> :
>> : Bit rude! My old mum used to say, if you can't say anything nice,
>> : don't say anything!
>> Actually, it's a lot rude...and I don't care. I'm maybe like one of
>> three people here who will call out this kind of stupidity and laziness,
>> who will say what I'm sure lots of other folks think, but don't want to
>> be the butt of replies such as yours. If you don't like what I have to
>> say, then killfile me. I don't care.
>> The whole idea of a forum such as this is folks *helping* folks. Not
>> folks who don't want to take the time to do their own research, stroll on
>> in and expect someone else to do it for them. It's gotten to be a real
>> issue as of late, and it's the same chowderheads repeat offending.
>> Seriously, how hard is it to Google terms like VB6, End and opinion?
>> Huh? Why, I just did it and behold, TONS of information. Is it really
>> so hard for someone to take the initiative and do a litle work for
>> themselves? Have folks gotten so lazy and selfish that they expect
>> someone else to do the research, and/or type up the same answer they've
>> probably already given multiple times in the past?
>> If you want to put the 'rude' label on someone, put it on the lazy
>> boneheads who post questions when the answers are already out there,
>> expecting someone else to hand walk them through the entire process.
>> That, good sir, is rude as well.
>> .

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> During this work I found they had ignored my warning, instead they had
> added
> the End statement to the other versions, too.
> I called one of the bosses and tried to convince him to let me search the
> cause
> of the glitch and really fix it.
> I got the answer: "We couldn't find the source of the glitch and the End
> worked
> just fine, so let it there, we don't intend to spend more money on this!"
> Two years ago the knitting company went out of business, the machines and
> the NT4-boxes were sold to Italy. I never heard anything about it, the
> program
> with the End statement will probably still run there.
> Helmut.

Annoying isn't it? Slightly off-topic so I hope all except KP will forgive
me, back in the old days of (gasp) interpreter BASIC and QuickBasic, I wrote
a routine that checked book numbers under the ISBN scheme, which includes
check digit algorithms. The program started crashing and I found that staff
at the publishers were inventing their own ISBNS for certain products and
completely ignoring the check (hash) digits. I told them what was going on
and instead of allocating proper codes they instructed me to remove the ISBN
checking code. I did so and subtituted a warning that said 'ISBN code
checking removed at request of Managment'.

In a simpler case, I pointed out to the staff at another client that writing
on flopies (remember them?) with a ballpoint was disastrous. Of course they
entirely inored that. Came the day they needed to recover and...

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Since it's clear you're a Usenet newbie, why not Google some articles on what to do and not to do. I use my name, but not my email. I don't get spammed. What's your excuse? If it's anything along the lines of "I don't want people to know who I am", then your a coward. If you want to debate me, then do it like a man, otherwise shove off, because I just can't take you seriously.

Otherwise, I don't think you understand what your talking about. As for "helpful" anonymous users, I know who you're referring to...and while he might be helpful, the fact that he needs to hide his identity costs him some respect with certain individuals - besides myself - who think the whole anonymous handle thing is...well, stupid. I have no respect for those who won't use some form of their name...and if they could care less about what I think of them, then so be it.

And as for my language; as a fellow colleague of mine would say, "bite me."
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: Try wasting your negative energy, instead use your energy on something
: positive and constructive. You will find it much more rewarding than
: blackening your soul.

Try looking up your own answers before asking someone else to do it for you. Lazy bum.

I don't have a soul. That's religious mumbo jumbo most sheeple need to feel like they have some purpose in life. You're soul is actually nothing more than electricity and matter, and when you die, it's all over.

Sleep well.
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