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They only drop Apple malware.

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| > | He's edited the registry and moved on...
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| > Surely that's the *only* way to 'fix' things if malware has caused a
| > registry alteration?
| If the program was out of date and perhaps misidentifying a malware
| instance, what other settings might it have missed correcting? It
| be better to confirm or deny the use of the most recent version of the
| removal program. What if version 'b' edits the registry *and* drops
| another malware item and version 'a' gets identified and removed?
| he can manually edit the registry entry he finds amiss back to what it
| should be, but it would be better to execute an updated version of
| or another removal tool such as SAS.

What if MBAM itself was dropping a malware item after cleaning a

Who would ever know?

SAS might do likewise!

Just a thought!