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About Recognization of Virus....
hi,can any one help me about.. how antivirus recognize the virus?? both data and virus in the form of bits while transferring any data that contains virus,then how it identify the virus?? Email-id:suresh.appana1(a) ... 23 Jan 2010 15:25
Automatic Renewal ZoneAlarm
Be careful about Zone Alarm. I got a good deal on it, but went to "My Account" and found that it auto renewed on the same credit card annually. You can stop it easily if you know about it. ... 16 Jan 2010 07:18
MS whitelist suggestions? (no, it's not really a question) source=peer2peerpromo -- "Is there anything in Guul Draz that doesn't suck the life out of you?" - Tarsa, Sea Gate sell-sword. ... 18 Jan 2010 22:07
Fixing a problem for a friend
To All, I got a message from a friend in an email that said, "Lately there's this window that keeps popping up, it's blue and black, I have to type in the weird letters or it will shut down. why? this has never happened before." The friend is a real newbie. I can't get to the system, since I'm in the Eas... 13 Jan 2010 22:11
Rootkit str.sys
Update 1/12/10. Grandson says computer isn't working right, wants to restore from original backup discs. I haven't scanned it with MBAM, but I'll take his word that it isn't right. ... 12 Jan 2010 18:32
Help to delete html/framer code in many pages
Hi, I have many pages that have the html/framer virus so there are lines of code in the which I want to remove. I want to remove this code so I can still have my pages rather than AVG or avast delete the whole page. I'm looking for the quickest way to do this. Any help please? rock ... 9 Jan 2010 19:36
Queries about Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition
<fat.charlie(a)> wrote in message news:uifek51cmfklfug8dq3sbssn0mor9ok402(a) Symantec's 2009 of security products were rated "Product of the Year 2009' at this independent AV Conparison site OK MR L... 9 Jan 2010 08:31
Another fake AV attempt linked to "Day 360 is coming"
I came across this while doing more searches for "Day 360 is coming": setup_build7_292.exe hxxp://www. The actual full URL for that file seems to be coded, and I believe the code has a timing component to it that renders the URL invalid after some period of time. For ex... 27 Dec 2009 17:23
Top 25 Web Design Faux Pas
Among these examples are tips for cosmetics, content and functionality. Even if you've already built your site, you can use this list as a means of "tweaking" and "refining" your approach. Only if you have broken every conceivable rule of design and Web strategy would you need to dump your entire site and start fro... 24 Dec 2009 01:03
Here's some malware that might be interesting (Day 360 is coming)
So I'm watching TV and there's this hokey commercial that I've seen a few times now of a cartoon guy that plugs himself in. No audio that I can remember, and some text that gets displayed at the end: Day 360 is coming I plug that into google and get this: ----------------- DAY 360 IS COMING DAY 360 IS... 24 Dec 2009 12:57
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