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Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (3-user) - bloatware? customer review I've used just about every security system in the world over the years and a year ago settled on Kaspersky 2009, which is easy to use, runs well, and does everything perfectly. Then, in September, it came time to renew my annual license. I paid my money, and, instead of just ren... 31 Dec 2009 09:51
Tips to Sell Domains - Importance of Domain Age
The longer you hold on for a domain, the more time you have to make it appear as an authority resource. Build up those perfect domain names by putting a content page up and building backlinks. If the domain has a high PageRank, it will automatically be worth something. Build as many backlinks as you can for around ... 22 Dec 2009 05:57
looking for free vista virus scanner because mcafee failed to work
I previously had an issue with Mcfee on Vista versions OS, is because it s***t this antivirus messes up you Registry but you can always fix it it has a simply solution and it will run just fine on Vista but I would need to know if an erro pops up when you star the machine. If you like to perform a free online scan wi... 20 Dec 2009 19:05
Threat Detected
"ASCII" <me(a)> wrote in message news:4b274be7.3875500(a)EBCDIC... Beware of gifts bearing Greeks. ... 15 Dec 2009 18:55
Ultrasurf by -> malware?
Here's another anonymous web-surfing app that looks suspicious at VT: hxxp:// 6 hits at VT: CAT-QuickHeal (Suspicious) - DNAScan Comodo Heur.Pck.EXECryptor McAfee+Artemis Artemis!D446A55E30E2 McAfee-... 14 Dec 2009 23:12
Question about a Backdoor/Delf.emx detection by Jiangmin
Virustotal is reporting that this file is potentially malicious: Specifically, only 1 AV program is reporting it as a threat: Jiangmin -> Backdoor/Delf.emx Is this a correct detection, or a false positive? ... 12 Dec 2009 10:12
khq virus
Hello group, One acquiantance of mine had his networked PC infected with khq virus... Is there a best way to remove the pesky malware and prevent the PC from reinfection? His PC is protected by AVG antivirus free edition. TIA Roy ... 12 Dec 2009 20:00
Rootkit str.sys
I'm trying to help my grandson with his highly infected laptop. It ran extreemly slowly, so I started in safe mode and ran a quick scan Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes found 19 malwares,,, trojan fakealert, rogue.multiple and hijack.userinit, and rootkit.agent. It said it deleted all of them.... 11 Dec 2009 15:48
Is axel.dav a virus?
if you're really worried about it, theres a relatively easy way to delete all instances of it. go to command prompt, and type in: del C:\axel.dav /s /q and let it run till it stops. if it says the command in the titlebar, its still running. it'll delete most of the axel.dav files in ur system, which could ta... 2 Dec 2009 06:30
Had to clean up a PC with zbot infection
ASCII wrote: I would suggest that MBAM examine the permissions of the hosts file (...) Maybe go further and test for any re-directions for as part of the system analysis. Doesn't HJT address these concerns? What's wrong with MBAM adding a few useful features to make it an even bet... 7 Dec 2009 17:20
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