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USB-Stick autorun virus
Hi Could anybody tell me, how i could get rid of this virus. Below there is a directory of my USB-Stick. i have tried several solutions i found on google, but none of them worked... Disken i drev P er Cruzer U3 Diskens serienummer er 8AD5-0AE2 Indhold af P:\ 16-11-2009 22:40 246 AUTOR... 26 Nov 2009 13:05
Another link that doesn't work (sort of - this is example of "wierd html")
Got an e-mail on Wednesday with this as the message body: ----------------- I just created a poll hxxp:// . ru/hot.html ----------------- (I put spaces in the above url because ms9-dot-by-dot-ru is a black-listed domain at, and the news server I use filters posts that contain blacklisted doma... 20 Nov 2009 08:56
Avira switches to new update system
FredW wrote: Due to the fast growing amount of malware out there in the wild our virus definition files grow fast as well. We monitored the situation with our Updates very closely. We realise that users of the free Avira ... 19 Nov 2009 13:57
Avira Free vs. AVG free
I have been using Avira Free but am not very satisfied with the UI. So, I just downloaded AVG Free in order to try it out. Both come very highly rated. My question is: Since you're not supposed to run two antri-virus programs at the same time, what do I have to do (besides uninstall Avira) in order to try AVG? ... 19 Nov 2009 19:42
Best Free Security List
Saw this in a.c.f.- -- Max Wachtel This message was created using Opera(a)USB: Virus Removal Instructions Max's Favorite Freeware https://sites.go... 7 Nov 2009 14:02
TT Livescan Database Update 10-22-09
There are now 4934321 definitions in the online database. Enjoy. ... 22 Oct 2009 19:42
this is really awesome
From: "brute" <rommel(a)> This mass spam brought to you by "BNews2004v20" -- Dave Multi-AV - ... 11 Oct 2009 10:23
python - confusing advice
I have conflicting reports on Python. According to McAfee: "Python is a polymorphic, stealth, file infecting virus. It infects ..COM and .EXE files, including COMMAND.COM. Upon infection, this virus may becomes memory resident at the top of system memory but below ... 15 Sep 2009 22:30
wmi namespace ? virus
Hello Group, I posted details about my son's virus worries on August 25: c3l7951gr0vcod4mc414nmvc9asumtcm97(a) Without repeating the system details and my efforts to clean up the computer, here's what he's mostly worried about. He sees warnings in the event viewer/application in roughly this form: ******... 13 Sep 2009 19:27
GMER and aujasnkj.sys?
Hi all I have been lurking here for some time and just taking the knowledge of all you guys. I have been trying to find the best tools for keeping things running ok and recently installed GMER and ran it for the one and only time. When I ran it I got a blue screen which I'm sure most of have seen that says th... 8 Sep 2009 03:44
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