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windowsplayer wrote:
> I've search and search.
> I give up. How do I go back to WMP 10?
Uninstall WMP11

This may not solve your problem but
the only way to know is to try it.


John Inzer MS-MVP
Digital Media Experience

This is not tech support
I am a volunteer

Solutions that work for
me may not work for you

Proceed at your own risk

From: windowsplayer on
Went to control panel add and remove programs and removed 11.
When I go to WMP I see 10.

I can play SD750 *.avi in WMP 10 no problem.

I can't open *.avi file in WMM and I can't import.

now what?
I found another *avi file, an old one. I can get it into large screen but
when I try to drag it to time line. No can do.

Can an *.mswmm file be converted to *.mp4 or else this is a waste of time
since I want resulting file to be on youtube?

From: windowsplayer on
and when I try to drag a clip and drop it I don't see anything in clip boxes
on bottom.
And thanks for helping me with this.
From: windowsplayer on
I see two files in large box. one a wav and other an older avi. Not one I
If I highlight either I see either one depending which one in large play box.
So I can play and see video in box
and I can hear wav if I click on it.

Now how to combine both?.

From: windowsplayer on
I'm making some progress here.
instead of using zoombrowser to download file I just explored it out by
dragged avi out of my sd card and set it on my desktop then using collections
I see it on larger screen and it plays.
Except it needs to be rotated 90 degrees right which Zoombrowser would have

How do I rotate it?

And I do not see it when I try to drag it to timeline though it does play.

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