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If I were to uninstall WMM from programs where is a current version to

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Before I read your message
I went to MS and downloaded
then removed everything from program files MovieMaker folder.
then did an unzip of download and
WMM would not load.
So I'm going to shut down and reboot and see what happens.

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I reboot.
go to program files and see under moviemaker
one *.exe file and 8 *.dll files. nothing else just those 9 files

I click on exe file and get an error message.

Now moviemaker will not load.

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Does movie maker work with SP3?
And if it doesn't why not?
and while I have no clue what service pack3 does for me and I did go from
WMP11 back to 10 I have this feeling I am not going back to SP2, even if I
knew how just to get WMM to work.

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I have to start over with WMM.

If I delete everything from WMM in program files those same 8 file plus exe
return. I get an error message when opening exe file.

where is WMM for XP with SP3 and will WMM work with SP3?