From: Jason Thibodeau on

Eclipse is painful to use for me. I'm a Vi guy.

Let the Vi/Emacs wars ensue :)

On 03/22/2010 06:03 PM, Alan Fitch wrote:
> On 22/03/10 21:54, Petter Gustad wrote:
>> General Schvantzkoph<schvantzkoph(a)> writes:
>>> Nothing beats Emacs
>> I agree! I hate Eclipse.
>> Petter
> I find Eclipse baffling, though I wouldn't say I hate it. It seems to
> have weird jargon (what is a perspective?).
> I also found it seemed slow (probably because I was running it on a slow
> machine): but I've never found vi or emacs feel slow.
> regards
> Alan
> P.S. I am a wimp (WIMP?) so I use nedit or notepad++...

Jason Thibodeau
From: Charles Gardiner on
Generally I use nedit and a whole bunch of perl scripts/java apps I've written
over the years. I'm not totally against eclipse. I use it with the Lattice mico32
environment for instance.

Regarding the Sigasi tool, the price on the website is 'within reason'. What's not
within reason, IMHO, is the licensing model. If I don't fork out every year it
will stop working. I would never even look at a tool that I can't get a perpetual
license for. If I develop a project with it then I want to be able to come back to
it again in five years if I have to regenerate the project from my archives.

Philippe schrieb:

> I've published a white paper on this subject.
> I'd be interested to know what you guys think.
> kind regards
> Philippe Faes
> Founding CEO Sigasi
From: Eric Smith on
On Mar 22, 2:36 pm, "M. Norton" <remill...(a)> wrote:
> On whole I agree with you, however let's be realistic, the learning
> curve for Emacs is incredibly steep.

A steep learning curve is a Good Thing. If it was shallow, it would
take you a very long time to learn it.
From: Eric Smith on
Eclipse is slow even on fast machines. My most recent experience with
it is on a Phenom II X4 965BE machine (quad core 3.4 GHz), and it
still is noticeably sluggish.

Years ago, people used to criticize Emacs for being slow and a
resource hog. By today's standards, Emacs is lean and mean.
From: Michael S on
On Mar 22, 11:54 pm, Petter Gustad <newsmailco...(a)> wrote:
> General Schvantzkoph <schvantzk...(a)> writes:
> > Nothing beats Emacs
> I agree! I hate Eclipse.

I hate Eclipse too. But I don't like Emacs.
Gimme something simple, preferably Multi-Edit.