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>>> OK all, thanks for all the info and advice, I ended up
>>> with ........Norton, I hope it works good and I hope it
>>> dosnt slow down my system.

>>> Regards
>>> GK

>> Bad choice :-(

>> We may just see you back here when you get infected and
>> need help removing that future infection.

| No ... good choice. Fast updates, real updates, lean and mean
| with a small footprint.

| HTH,

| Twayne`

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :-)
{ Now I have to clean my monitor }

Multi-AV -

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Well what's new? You tell people to run registry cleaners and now you say
Norton is best.
Have you no smarts at all?.
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> LOL! From the "worst of the groups" yet! Powerless troll alert!
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>> How did you happen to choose the worst one?
> ...