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"Brandon" <-> wrote in message

> I am only curious, not trying to argue anything: what do you mean by
> huge demand? I have a hard time believing anyone could earn a living
> selling a hardware mod for Commodore machines.

Certainly not with JiffyDOS alone, but the demand for CMD devices seems to
be high, based on the prices they fetch on eBay. Selling 3-4 of those per
week would probably not pay all your bills, but would certainly be a decent
source of extra income. Eventually the market would saturate of course,
although that hasn't happened yet after all these years.

From: Anders Carlsson on
Elerion <elerion_removethespam_(a)> writes:

> Jiffydos for VIC-20 never had sales potential, so it wasn't released
> along C64 version 20 years ago.

Sales potential or not, the VIC-20 was abandoned by Commodore before
JiffyDOS ever was developed. On the other hand, there was no Plus/4
version neither.

> But if the job was done solely for profit, it was a poor investment.

Are you saying that noone should be in the right to develop and sell
new hard/software for old computers? While I'm usually not particulary
interested in trying it myself - because I realize the customer base
is too small to make it worthwhile - I would not disqualify anyone
else for trying.

> you will calculate the price of product in a way that it significantly
> reflects on the potential revenue customer can gain from using this
> software.

So all software you as the customer can't use to make money from, should
in theory be free? If someone develops an anticipated sequel to an old
game that few people remember today, that sequel shouldn't cost money.

> Would you pay for Windows 95 today for the same price it was sold back
> in 95?

Perhaps not, but I would respect Microsoft's decision not to upload it
for free.

> Take Apple for another example. All obsolete versions of their OS are
> declared freeware and are freely downloadable from their site.

Dunno. Last time I checked, the last free version was MacOS 7.5.3 which
indeed is obsolete, but then again, so are MacOS 7.6 and 8.X. Some would
even claim MacOS 9.X is obsolete, but Apple didn't release it for free

Anders Carlsson
From: Anders Carlsson on
MagerValp <MagerValp(a)> writes:

> However, JiffyDOS has not been replaced by something newer and
> better, and offers the same value today that it did 10 years ago.

(. But since probably no person is running a business on a C64, the
practical/financial value of items like JiffyDOS, SuperCPU, RAMlink,
RetroReplay+RR-net, IDE64 and so on is $0. At least for the software
options if you have access to your own EPROM chips and burner. .)

For those that don't know: (. .) are used as irony parenthesis. That
means, I'm trying to be ironic above. It makes me further wonder:

1. If there was a piece of hardware or software back in the 80'ties
that would've been cool to have, but low demand because it was not
cruicial for your operations, should that item have been free?

2. If someone today, in the year of 2006, can prove that they still
run an important business solely in a C64/128 environment, should that
individual pay for his JiffyDOS chips while the others, who don't have
the same needs, get to make their own for free? Unless you can get a
special tax deduction for buying items from Click Here Software, I
doubt that one business manager would reveal their dependence on this
software. Maybe when IRS does an audit and find a C64 installed with
JiffyDOS Personal Edition, the business get a hefty fine.

For what I know, maybe a Commodore 64 is declared by law not adequate
for business purposes and you would get a hefty fine for using one no
matter which accessories you own...

Anders Carlsson
From: christianlott1 on
What is it that you need jiffy dos for?

I can't figure this out.

It's pointless.

From: Brandon on
christianlott1 wrote on 14 Sep 2006 11:09:03 -0700:

> What is it that you need jiffy dos for?
> I can't figure this out.
> It's pointless.

I don't see much of a need myself -- I have a Super Snapshot cart that
gives me all I need in this area -- but it does seem like a nice mod.

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