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Font path
Hi, I use FTGL to handle font so I need to find the path for a particular font. Looking at the wxFont or it's enumerator etc, I can't find support for this. Am I Missing something? Thanks in advance, Henrik Vallgren ... 22 Dec 2006 04:19
wxGTK-2.8.0 compile fails(odbc)
Hello I'am compiling wxGTK-2.8.0 and getting error. Configure options: --enable-unicode --enable-aui --enable-xrc Errors: ../src/common/db.cpp: In member function `bool wxDb::Open(const wxString&, const wxString&, const wxString&, bool)': ../src/common/db.cpp:906: error: cannot convert `SQLTCHAR*' to `UCHAR*... 15 Dec 2006 13:49
Yield(), WXUNUSED() and compile errors with wxMSW2.8.0rc1
Hi! I just tried to migrate one of our applications from wxMSW2.7.0 (where it built fine) to wxMSW2.8.0rc1 and got the following compile errors: c:\program files\wxwidgets\include\wx\app.h(230) : warning C4002: too many actual parameters for macro 'Yield' c:\program files\wxwidgets\include\wx\app.h(230) : err... 13 Dec 2006 10:46
Associating data with wxListCtrl in virtual mode
Hi, I am using the wxListCtrl in wxLC_REPORT|wxLC_VIRTUAL mode to insert the data. Is there any way for me to assign some kind of hidden data with each raw? (Which can be returned when mouse click event occur on a raw) Thanks, Lloyd ______________________________________ Scanned and protected by Email... 12 Dec 2006 05:38
*.Add problem
Hi. I just compiled wxPython 2.7 and 2.8 CVS under GoboLinux and run into a problem when I was done compiling. I followed the build instructions in BUILD.html and added just --enable-unicode. For some reason wx.pth wouldn't work so I instead made a symbolic link "wx" pointing to "wx-2.8-gtk2-unicode/wx". This ... 12 Dec 2006 01:52
Problem with ODBC/dbtest sample
Hi, i tried to compile the odbc sample. It is NOT working under Windows XP. I am using wxWidgets 2.6.3 with Code::Blocks 1.0 RC 2 with the MinGW. I tried the ODBC sample code from the manual too: It doesn't work! wxwidgets: --------------------------------------------------------------- DbConnectInf = new wxD... 11 Dec 2006 07:11
wxDynamicLibrary help!
I still don't have the hang of this thing... the compiler says "DT_Init cannot be used as a function". It loads and unloads the DLL ok. #include "oldaapi.h" void wxloadDlg::WxButton1Click(wxCommandEvent& event) { // insert your code here wxDynamicLibrary dll; if(dll.Load("oldaapi32.dll")) wxLogMessage(... 14 Dec 2006 03:05
wxListCtrl Custom Draw
Hi, I want to customize the look of wxListCtrl. For this I capture wxEVT_PAINT event and make a wxPaintDc object. Using this object I do the desired drawing. However this causes a side effect, i.e. wxListCtrl now fails to draw it's own items. I guess this is happening because it's event handler is not being c... 1 Dec 2006 23:03
wxPython and Mplayer
Hi, I plan to do a little mplayer frontend with wxpython. Mplayer has the "-wid" option to display a movie in a X11 window. I have done some tests with wxPython (using a simple Frame, and getting the id with xwininfo), the video play (no problem with mplayer, I heard the sound), but the window close and reopen, ... 27 Nov 2006 15:52
Problem with wxCalendarCtrl
Hello, I use wxCalendarCtrl (wxWidgets 2.6.3 - wxALL under MS Windows XP) which I create in this way: mCalendarCtrl = new wxCalendarCtrl(c_panel, ID_CALENDAR, wxDefaultDateTime, wxDefaultPosition, wxDefaultSize, wxCAL_MONDAY_FIRST | wxCAL_SHOW_HOLIDAYS | wxCAL_SHOW_SURROUNDING_WEEKS | wxCAL_SEQUENTIAL_MONTH_SE... 24 Nov 2006 04:42
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