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Re[2]: can't compile wx 2.8.1 for WM5 using vs2005
On Fri, 12 Jan 2007 13:44:16 +0100 Caligola900 <caligola900(a)> wrote: C> TextCtrl. The only (the last one before a successful build? :-) ) error C> I get is this (as already posted before by someone else): C> C> dummy.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol localtime C> referenced in function "... 13 Jan 2007 18:49
build wx 2.8.1 with VS 2005
Hello @ALL! is there anything special to pay attention while building wx with VS 2005?? i've tried now several times but the only thing i get are a lot of build errors :-( with VS 2003 i have no problems - but now i obtained VS 2005 and it doesn't work... does anybody know a HOWTO ? or something similar ? ... 13 Jan 2007 06:12
wxArray and wxList compare function and iterator
Hi, 1/ For "wxArray" it seems that there is a class iterator. But for wxObjArray (with WX_DEFINE_OBJARRAY) i couldn't make it works as it seems that it is protected, isn'it ? 2/ int compareFunction(const T **p1,const T **p2) for wxList and without const for wxArray Thanks Olivier ... 11 Jan 2007 09:22
Linker errors with 2.8.0
I've been using the 2.6.3 library for a while for my program and decided to try the 2.8.0 library, both in VC++2005. I've been able to compile and link my program against 2.6.3 with no problems so far. I was able to compile wxWidgets 2.8.0 and generate the .lib files. When I build my program against 2.8.0, it com... 10 Jan 2007 10:13
wxMac Font bug and "fix";
Hello, I am using wxMac 2.8.0 on an intel mac with OSX10.4 and I encountered the endless loop: wxStockGDI::GetFont just calls wxSystemSettingsNative::GetFont which calls wxStockGDI::GetFont... This was reported earlier by John Labenski . I wonder if there has a solution to the issue. -ashish ... 3 Jan 2007 12:32
wxJS 0.9.2 released
The main goal of wxJS is to port the wxWidgets library to JavaScript. It can be extended with other modules (sqlite, expat, ...), it contains an Apache module for using JavaScript/wxWidgets on the server. This release contains the following updates: - io: solved a bug with wxSocket. wxSocket needs a wxApp now. ... 26 Dec 2006 17:08
wxMac & Plug-in Hosting
First, I wish /// Marry Christmas And Happy New Year 2007 \\\ for all wxWidgets user. I use wxWidgets 2.6.3 in MWS and OSX, with VC 7 and XCODE 2.3 I work with plug-in, VSTi in this case, my app can be a host, in MSW I open the dll and give a PTR (handle) of the window created in wxWidget, the plug-in use ... 31 Dec 2006 03:39
Link and build problems when using 2.8.0
Hi, I got the new wxWidgets 2.8.0 and the new DialogBlocks 3.13. On Linux (SuSE 9.3) I used DB to build the wxWidgets libs with an existing project and the settings remaining the same but changing the version to 2.8.0 and changing the path. After the GCCBuildDebugGTK2UnicodeDLL build I got errors concerning ... 23 Dec 2006 05:23
Problem with wxURL::GetInputStream() in wx280
Hello, I have a problem with getting input stream from http site. I have constructed wxURL, but it seams to hang on wxURL::GetInputStream(). Does anyone else have such problem? If so is there any workaround for it? Here is a sample code that I'm using: wxURL url(__url); if (url.IsOk()) { ... 20 Dec 2006 08:29
ANN: wxPdfDocument 0.8.0 released
Version 0.8.0 of the wxCode component wxPdfDocument is available for download from The new version 0.8.0 is compatible with wxWidgets version 2.6.x and 2.8.0. Added features: - support for external templates: pages of existing PDF documents may be imported and used as... 15 Dec 2006 19:16
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