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c# accessibility to EvtHandler?
Hello there, the c# version of the EvtHandler class seems to have an 'internal'-accessability constructor, I think this must be an error since the c++ version has a public constructor. I was wondering if this could be updated or if there is another way of doing what I want, putting a bitmap as a background. I... 22 Oct 2006 16:46
Windows with shadows on MSW, GTK and Mac
Hi! I realized that is is quite simple to add a shadow to a window on MSW (XP): try: import win32gui, win32api CS_DROPSHADOW= 0x00020000 GCL_STYLE= -26 cstyle= win32gui.GetClassLong(self.GetHandle(), GCL_STYLE) if cstyle & CS_DROPSHADOW == ... 21 Oct 2006 05:06
MySQL connection
Hi list! I'm having some trouble in connecting applications to MySQL databases. I know some about the MySQL working but it's the first time I have to develop an application which has to connect to a database. I've already tried to compile and run the /wxWidgets/samples/db and the example on the Database clas... 27 Oct 2006 09:44
wxTaskBarIcon with XPM and assert image.HasMask
Hello, what's the problem with an XPM file if there is such a failed assert? What can you do that it doesn't fail? Thanks a lot Markus 16:27:53: ../src/common/rgncmn.cpp(111): assert "image.HasMask()" failed: wxBitmap::ConvertToImage doesn't preserve mask? Call stack: [05] wxStackWalker::Walk(unsigned... 19 Oct 2006 14:57
Memory leaks present using wxEntry
well, a normal wx app tidies up once the wxframe is deleted. I don't understand your code, but it seems odd to reinitialise more than once. chris Lukasz Kosewski wrote: Hello all, I've attached an incredibly simple app I've written for WxWidgets 2.6.3 running on X11 (no GTK, Motif, etc.). ... 19 Oct 2006 09:41
wxFlatMenu & wxFlatMenuBar
For those of you are not visiting the wxForum at , I would like to announce that I am currently developing an alternative for the common wxMenuBar & wxMenu - wxFlatMenu & wxFlatMenuBar Are these written completely in generic wxWidgets code? They surely look very nice (j... 19 Oct 2006 15:29
wxSQLite vs. wxODBC
Another newbie question: is one clearly superior over the other or is it simply a matter of taste? I am leaning towards using wxSQLite for a small DB based app that I will be developing, but I wonder whether there are any compelling reasons to prefer wxODBC? Thanks, Dave _____________________________________... 7 Oct 2006 07:45
UNICODE charsets and widechars
Hi Reading docs, lists and wiki about charsets and UNICODE, I'm getting a bit confused. IMHO docs are some old with vocabulary: when they say "converts between the UTF-8 encoding and Unicode", I think this is not fully valid, because UFT-8 is part of UNICODE. So I decided to write some clarifying text, but ... 3 Oct 2006 18:00
Hello, all. I'm trying to compile wxTreeMultiCtrl using CMake on Windows, but it says it couldn't find wx-config and tells me to set WXWIN and WXWINCFG. I tryied setting these variables using both wxWidgets source directory and build directory, but CMake stills complain. Did anyone here compile wxTreeMultiCtrl be... 28 Sep 2006 12:25
gtkPizza warning
wx 2.6.3 gcc GTK2 debug Linux Fedora core 5 I am trying to get xrc to work on an application. I load the .xrc file but only get a blank frame. When the "Get()->LoadFrame" line executes I get the following warning in the console window: Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to add a widget with type GtkPizza to a Gt... 19 Sep 2006 17:49
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