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Build problems (SVN HEAD / wxMac)
Hi, I'm trying to build wxWidgets head on Leopard, and I'm getting the linker errors: Undefined symbols: "_iconv_close", referenced from: wxMBConv_iconv::~wxMBConv_iconv()in monodll_strconv.o wxMBConv_iconv::~wxMBConv_iconv()in monodll_strconv.o wxMBConv_iconv::~wxMBConv_iconv()in monodll_st... 24 Apr 2008 11:03
Question about developing portable applications
I've got a quick question about developing a portable applications. By portable I mean like portable-apps, can run without being installed and without 'touching' user account folders. What is the best way of doing this in wxWidgets. In my application I currently always create a file configuration and use wxS... 18 Apr 2008 08:37
using wxScrolledWindow with wxSimpleHtmlListBox
Hi!! I'm trying to using a wxScrolledWindow with a wxSimpleHtmlListBox in my app, but the problem is that when I change the size window and it's enough big to contain all elements, and the HScrollBar set to disabled, there's no way to enabled the HScrollBar again. I've inside the wxScrolledWindow a wxBoxSizerH, and... 16 Apr 2008 10:01
Hybrid GUI/Console App
I think I've got a solution for making a hybrid application that can either be run in GUI or console mode, depending on command-line parameters. However, I've been unable to find an example of such a program using wxWidgets. wx-users contains much discussion about this, but I'm failing to find any code. My sol... 16 Apr 2008 11:37
Failed to build wxGTK on Ubuntu 7.10
Hi, I just got the latest daily snapshot of wxGTK from And after issuing ../configure --with-gtk I got the following error message: ... checking if the compiler supports precompiled headers... yes checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... (cached) yes checking fo... 12 Apr 2008 08:43
std::string and unicode
Hi Guys, I'm slightly confused about something. Does std::string not support unicode ? I have stl enabled in my wxwidgets compilation. The reason I did it is because I have some backend classes that use std::string and I didnt want to be converting to and from std::string to wxString. Turning on stl meant my str... 11 Apr 2008 04:30
Re[2]: wxWidgets right choice for multi-platform?
On Sun, 06 Apr 2008 11:38:12 +0200 "Mario M. Mueller" <news.mueller(a)> wrote: MMM> Indeed I choose wxWidgets nearly already. :) But I assume that especially MMM> the Solaris version will cause more headache than the other platforms. It is definitely less widely used than Linux (or Windows for that matter... 6 Apr 2008 08:44
How to know have we opened child dialogs
Is there a way to determine has my window opened child dialogs? i.e. Main application window can open some child dialogs in response to user's action: select color, file to open, folder to save, options window etc. But this moment user can hide application (it supports system-wide hotkey) or try to close i... 6 Apr 2008 12:49
Link Error
On Wed, 2 Apr 2008 08:36:00 +0900 Hiroshi ABE <habe36(a)> wrote: HA> I'm troubling with a link error as; HA> HA> wxbase26.lib(datetime.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved extern HA> symbol _timezone is refered in "int __cdecl GetTimeZone(void)" HA> (?GetTimeZone@@YAHXZ) HA> OLDNAMES.lib(timezone.obj) : err... 8 Apr 2008 22:06
error compilation with mingw
Hi, I'm trying to compile wxMSW-2.8.7 with mingw 5.1.3 and msys 1.0.10 under windows xp. I use this configure: .../configure --disable-shared --enable-debug --enable-unicode --without-zlib (without-zlib because I have a zlib.h not found error) and then with make: $ make /c/wxMSW-2.8.7/msw-debug/bk-deps ... 2 Feb 2008 10:13
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