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"kitekrazy" <kitekrazy(a)> wrote in message
> Cap'n Ron wrote:
>>> It was designed to be a midi player. I assume in your midi out
>>> settings the Yamaha driver is your default midi out and also in your
>>> operating system.
>>> How did you get this to work on XP to begin with?
>> Yes it has a player, but I don't use it for anything. I play my midi
>> files on Sonar or Van Basco (both set with the Yamaha as the output. I
>> had no issues installing or running this with XP. I believe the upgraded
>> version
>> S-YXG100 may have been hard to use with XP.
> Where did you get your SYXG50? It was a hit and miss on some XP systems.

My version works like a charm. I use it as my default system midi player.