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>>>>> | Using Trend Micro 'Housecall' I identified
>>>>> 'Trojan.Java.ByteVer.R'
>>>>> as
>>>>> | the possible culprit. Here's an old item to confirm this:
>>>>> < snip >
>>>>> That's just exploit code affecting Sun Java.
>>> | Which means .......... what, David?
>>> | Let's assume that I had Sun Java installed at the time.
>>> | Are you implying that my identity theft was a result of something
>>> else?
>>> Yes !
>>> That was just exploit code. The questions are...
>>> - was the PC vulnerable ?
> | Probably - isn't *any* computer connected to the Internet? <smile>
> | I had been using AVG Anti-virus, Ad-aware, Spybot etc +PrevX
> | At that time I was using a Modem supplied by Freeserve - not a
> Router!
>>> - was the exploitation effective ?
> | It seems so ............
>>> - what was the end result of the exploitation (if the exploit was
>>> effective) ?
> | ............ somebody stole my money!
> | I did get my money back - eventually! It was only *then* that I
> received
> | threats and involved the police.
> I won't answer your stupidity because you keep adding;
> alt.politics.scorched-earth
> I don't honour your troll activity.


I add it because I perceive that there *is* a connection between what
happened to me and some of the folk 'watching' at SE.

It is, of course, your prerogative to withhold advice/comment, but I
cannot see why you care one way or another why I choose to include the
group of people I have assembled at Scorched-Earth. It has taken me much
time and effort to achieve this!

Maybe it's simply because you have no answers. <shrug>

Dave BD

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Please log this post, David Lipman

Just so that the wrongness of BD posting people's simple information is
proven - since he has so graciously provided us with so much information
himself expect to soon find his boat floating aimlessly, containing the
bodies of he and his wife with their throats slit ear to ear.

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| Please log this post, David Lipman

N O !

Multi-AV -

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Mail-To-News-Contact: abuse(a)

....not that it will do you any good, but it is the only way. Involve the
local police authority (if you haven't alienated them).

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> It is heartening to know that you have actually read and *remembered* what
> I have said in the past, FTR!

I, too, like to try to understand people and what motivates them, I tend to
use a more passive approach than you do though. That is not to say that I
haven't on occasion 'stirred the pot' just a little. :o)

>> Rationalization - if it is possible for malware to reside this deep, that
>> must have been what *I* was afflicted with, and it's a good thing I fed
>> the computer into the woodchipper.

> Folk here in the alt.comp.virus group are entitled to hold whatever views
> they feel appropriate. Most seem to ridicule the idea that malware can
> only reside on a hard disk and assure me that it can survive nowhere else
> within a computer.

Most of the antimalware industry deals with the kind of malware one can
generally expect to be exposed to. Malicious hacks (or other targeted
attacks) that subvert your firmware might just as well be nonexistent. If
and when someone puts together a malware entity capable of affecting a wide
variety of firmware, *then* they will take it seriously. Think of how much
information would be needed to give the malware the ability to "know" the
addresses and routines necessary to affect changes to all of the BIOS and
Option ROM chips whos code is accessible during the bootstrapping process.
The mobile code malware couldn't very well carry all that information
internally, I'm thinking a central repository would be needed. Such an
entity would hardly go unnoticed for long - and the repository is the
Achilles heel of the malware's ability to thrive and would have to be
de-centralized or mobilized itself.

That's an awful lot of work when a simple "click here to rid your computer
all the nasty malware I pretend to find" works just as well. Persistence
appears overrated when it is so easy to just re-infest.

> As I've mentioned already, a real-life pal from IBM has assured me that is
> *not* the case - as did the police of our then High-Tech Crime Unit after
> I had suffered a monetary loss of �245 via identity theft back in 2005.

*Both* of them should be able to identify such a malware by name if either
are true authorities on the subject. Some oddball malicious hacks might do
something with firmware, but that is not the same thing as a malware

> Using Trend Micro 'Housecall' I identified 'Trojan.Java.ByteVer.R' as the
> possible culprit. Here's an old item to confirm this:
> My subsequent research of Malware has convinced me that once a machine has
> actually been compromised, one can never be 100% certain that it is
> 'clean' - no matter *what* cleaning tools are used!

Compromised by a malware atack? That would depend on the malware involved.
Compromised by a determined hacker, I would include verifying the firmware
as part of the cleaning process.