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terryc wrote
> Rod Speed wrote
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>>>>> Often you do not need to do that. If it was more than
>>>>> 6 mths since that particular computer was activated
>>>>> with mickysoft activation will usually work without a hitch .

>>>> Sure, I should have rubbed his nose in that.

>>> But you didn't roddles.

>> Its never feasible to post perfectly, fuckwit.

> Perhaps if you took a more genuine attitude to helping people

Fuckwits like you never qualify, fuckwit.

>>> Once again you showed your true self and try to claim "I knew that all along".

>> Even someone as stupid as you can use
>> and see that I have said that previously, fuckwit.

> Was this another case of you claiming "I knew that all along"?

Nope, just you face down in the mud, as always.

> The point is that something so simple and you did not say it until afterwards.

Because something else was being discussed, your stupid pig ignorant claim
that if you change motherboards, you have to buy a new copy of the OS, fuckwit.