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Digital Talk 90 online
Hello, the Digital Talk 90 is online since few days: The Digital Talk was founded in 1993 and is an electronical publication for the legendary Commodore 64. The main language is German. Again, these issue contains a lot of software for your 'petit ami'. A. -... 4 Apr 2010 03:57
See my Commodore 64 prank on CNN ... 11 Apr 2010 00:28
Why are there no USB cables?
For transfering things to a 1571 or C64 DTV etc. you always need the parallel printer port as well for making a connector for C64 joysticks. Problem is that many computers don't have a printer port nowadays and if they have they are not always compatible to the C64 cables. Why are there no USB adapters? Is it s... 3 Apr 2010 11:30
C64 Video Problem.
Hey All, I have a C64 ASSY NO: 250425 Dated 1984. The problem is the Video display is Grey. Other than that, the computer works just fine. I tried Different 6567R8 VIC Chips that are Known good, Same thing. Also replaced the MOS 8701 16 pin IC located next to the VIC chip, No change. I have replaced EVERY IC in t... 1 Apr 2010 14:37
Something Interesting, Keyboard adapter...
Found this today on Lemon64, Don't know how I've overlooked it, But here is the link.... Drop the guy a message, would be nice to see this for sale... ... 1 Apr 2010 13:30
VM02 v1.0 Released! April Fools???
What a work. It is tremendous. It is wonderful. I congratulate you for your hard work. The design document is worth reading! antoine ... 1 Apr 2010 12:22
VM02 v1.0 Released! April Fools???
Years ago, you may have seen this announcement about Java running on an Apple //c: Initially looked like they had pulled it off, but after a brief inspection it was revealed for the April Fools joke it was. This is no joke. Announcing version 1.0 of VM02, the Java compatible V... 1 Apr 2010 06:48
Installing REU inside a C128D
Anyone have any tips for this? Im thinking to (carefully) extend and solder the lines to the expansion port inside the machine, but didnt know if this was doable. I happen to have a naked (no case) REU and thought it might be worth it. I welcome your thoughts. ... 11 Apr 2010 00:28
RGB to NTSC Converter - Can use with 128?
I seem to have found a little gem that may server as an economical means of converting the 128's RGB to NTSC signals. The URL is Would someone with some hardware experience take a look at this kit and tell me if it could be plausible for use on a 128? The ... 30 Mar 2010 22:56
Commodore Free issue 38 (fwd)
------------ Original Message ---------------- Subject: COMMODORE FREE ISSUE 38 From: nigel parker Date: Mon, March 29, 2010 12:54 am ---------------------------------------------- Commodore Free issue 38 released TXT, PDF, SEQ, D64, HTML CONTENTS -Editorial -NEWS --... 30 Mar 2010 16:06
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