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C=4 Expo 2010
We are happy to inform you that the fifth anniversary of the C4 Expo is scheduled. C=4 2010 will occur on Memorial Day week-end, May 29th and 30th at the Drawbridge Inn located in Ft. Mitchell, KY. That is just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. At this time, we have secured the room starting at 1530hrs on Fr... 23 May 2010 01:45
PET Alive! (Chicago Classic Computing)
Pictures from the April meeting of the Chicago Classic Computing group. Good PET pictures. ... 2 May 2010 12:02
Animation Station, Games, Software, etc.
Bump, ending this evening. There are still a couple of items without bids yet. Good luck, thanks for looking! ... 2 May 2010 09:50
geos support in peekbot
In a canonical yak shaving incident, I ended up adding geos support to peekbot so I could look at the source for geoLink and have now extended that support to allow previewing of font files and viewing of geoPaint files – for example, here’s a klingon ship - 2 May 2010 07:40
Ethernet on CBMs?
Hello Kay k.martinen schrieb: do anyone know if there was/is an interface to connect a VIC-20/C-64 or C- 128 to a network via Ethernet? Google -> C64 ethernet -> ... 5 May 2010 19:23
Introducing CBM-Command
OK, what is it? It's a Norton-Commander-like file manager for the c64 and c128 (has separate binaries for each platform). You can read all the details as well as download the D64 release and all the source code at: <> I'm looking for any and all feedback. This is a VERY rough ... 4 May 2010 00:15
Convert PC gamepad to C64 joystick
Is it possible to convert an old PC gamepad (for connector on sound-card) into a C64 joystick. Preferably one should only need to make a converter using two D-sub connectors. ... 2 May 2010 13:08
PC as disk drive for C64?
It it possible to use a PC as a disk-drive for a C64? I know it's possible to connect a C64 disk-drive to the parallellport of a PC, but I don't have a C64 disk-drive and would like to use a PC as a disk-drive for the C64. ... 5 May 2010 07:07
For Sale
I have The following that I need to get rid of... Superbase for the Commodore 64 Timeworks SwiftCalc (for Commodore 64) Timeworks Word Writer4 (for Commodore 64) and Barbie (for Commodore 64) All have the boxes and paperwork that came with them I also have the CMD JiffyDOS User's Manual Please make me an... 2 May 2010 14:14
How to re-initialize drive to initial status?
I'm wanting to read the error channel of all the drives on the IEC bus and obtain the initial dos header that describes the type of drive. This works for all the drives EXCEPT the one that loaded the program because the one that loaded the program returns back "OK" as the drive status as it should. What command do... 29 Apr 2010 13:31
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