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Commodore 128D disk drive problems
I have a Commodore 128D-CR that works fine, with the exception of the disk drive. It worked fine when I first got it (eBay) and for a few weeks after. Then all of the sudden, it began being unable to read most disks. Some disks it can still read, but I'd say 9 out of 10 disks it can't even pull up a directory, and ... 19 Mar 2007 01:51
C=128 80Col NTSC Color. This claims to allow CGA signal to be output to a NTSC or PAL compatible monitor. It designed for maintenance and modification on older video cabinet systems. The $200 price tag seems insane, but the actual circuit board doesn't seem to be too complicated. I would love... 31 Mar 2007 18:18
C64 newbie
Hello. I'm trying to load SARGON3A.D64 in Frodo for the PC. I can load and run the BASIC program examples, but can't figure how to put the image so it loads. I did some searching of FAQs and this group, but thought I'd just ask here. ... 11 Mar 2007 16:31
RAMLink disk and docs?
Anyone know where to get a copy of the RAMLink utilities disk? Or even a copy of the manual too? Thanks, Jerry ... 18 Feb 2007 16:36
rs232 hex inverter
Does anyone happen to know if a 74LS04N hex inverter can be used as a substitute for a 7404N ? I looked at the data sheets and the pinouts are the same for both chips. However some of the internals for the inverter circuits are set up a little differently. I'm thinking about putting together a simple rs232 inte... 14 Feb 2007 13:53
CBM4WIN Printer Port Problem
CBM4WIN was working fine on my Vista RTM but then my HD crashed. I replaced it, reloaded all my software and now, part way through the boot sequence, the busy light on the 1541 drive comes on and won't go off again. Of course I can't access the drive when it's in that condition. None of my BIOS settings have chan... 4 Feb 2007 07:05
Searching for HEXKIT software for PROMQueen EPROM burner
Hi! I picked up an old PROMQueen EPROM burning device for the VIC-20. Unfortunately it's missing the firmware called "HEXKIT" which originally came on an EPROM with the device. Without HEXKIT the PROMQueen can't do anything. Does ANYONE have a copy of this software/firmware? I will gladly pay for an EPROM, o... 4 Jan 2007 08:45
Are there any retailers still selling these? I was out of the country for the last several years, so I sort of missed these while they were being sold on QVC. Now I'd like to get one and try it out, so if anyone knows where I can buy one, please let me know. Thanks! And Happy New Year, everyone! -Andrew Wis... 17 Jan 2007 08:17
Bounty Bob Strikes Back
> > Since SuperCard+ can reproduce this protection (allegedly) then it must be simpler than first glance. I spent a month on this one program! It requires a special copier just for it, which does in fact duplicate the true 1/2 tracks. There is a LOT of head stepping (back and forth) necessary to duplicate t... 2 Jan 2007 21:09
Fwd: Commodore Free disk magazine
To pick up Commodore Free as a disk magazine (.d64), go to See below, Robert Bernardo Fresno Commodore User Group -----Original Messa... 14 Dec 2006 21:53
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