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Good cross-compiler for Mac?
I found CC65 but it seems you have to compile it yourself. Anyone seen a binary install anywhere? Or a different cross compiler that can create C64 and VIC-20 binaries? ... 18 Oct 2009 12:44
Stereo SID, any software?
I was just playing around with VICE and realized it offers a Dual SID capability.. then I started wondering if there is anything that actually uses this. I found the old Stereo SID Player from 1988 and played a few songs. Truth is, they may have had 6 voices but I've heard plenty more impressive tunes on a regula... 18 Oct 2009 08:23
Photos of Retrogathering 9
On October 10-11 Retrogathering 9 was held in Stockholm, Sweden. Among the various classic computers and game consoles, there were Commodores. Find them among the photos at 15 Oct 2009 07:13
MSD SD-2 w/Copy ROMs on ebay.
Is this the same MSD SD-2 you were having troube with back in July? -- Golan Klinger Dark is the suede that mows like a harvest. ... 14 Oct 2009 03:46
ReSID and digitized audio
Hi Guys, I'm a great fan of the ReSIDfp engine and I use it with great pleasure under VICE (Linux compiled from sources by me). Yesterday I've noticed with big surprise that the digitized voices perform _very_ poorly with ReSIDfp. For instance, try to load Impossibile Mission 2 and listen to the intro ("Anothe... 16 Oct 2009 10:46
FW: Commodore items for sale
Hi there, are you still intrested in commodore games? if so i have the following: Menagerie the count jupitar lander mole attack road race Omega race and the tomb of drewan. (all are boxed in vgc except road race) Also have around 50 commodore 64 games - such as star command, supremacy, star glider, ... 13 Oct 2009 07:46
Does anyone know where i can find info on CMD boot ROM's? I have a CMD 20 that has a v2.52 boot ROM and was wondering the limitations of this ROM as far as how big a drive it can "see." Also, lets say it can only see 200 MB can I still use a 1GB drive, but it will only use 200MB? Has anyone tried this and can anyon... 9 Oct 2009 11:30
VDC "Extended Background Color Mode"?
I originally posted this to Lemon64, but this is probably the better place, with people like Vanessa and Dave Murray hanging around... Is there any way to have a text-based VDC Extended BG Color Mode in 80 columns, like on the C64? Ideally, I'd like to have each 8x8 cell have its own foreground and background col... 25 Oct 2009 01:16
Stan Schembri has passed away
Sorry to have to break the sad news, but it has Come to my attention that Stan has sadly passed away in his sleep. Here is a quick news item taken from � September 25th, 2009 - Stan Schembri has passed away Stan Schembri, who programmed C64 super hits like Barbarian and Cauldron 2, passed away in his sl... 6 Oct 2009 19:21
Genlock Information
Hello, I am curious was the "genlock" the main tool used during the 80s to edit VHS video? I can't seem to find any other hardware that allows VHS video to be input for an 8-bit type computer. I notice there were a lot of "video titler" software programs made for the Commodore on 5.25" disk, but they never seem... 24 Sep 2009 14:59
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