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OFDM Simulink problem, SOS!
I'm simulating an OFDM transceiver to be later converted and implemented on a C6713 DSK. I'm currently facing a problem with the simulation and i'm at my wits end trying to figure out what is wrong. Thus i'm really hoping you guys can lend me some help otherwise i can't proceed anymore... Here are 2 pictures o... 9 Dec 2005 10:24
rayleighchan function in MATLAB
Hi All, I was wondering of anyone of you have tried using the function rayleighchan in MATLAB. as it is a channel function I would expact it to generate uncorrelated channel everytime. But surprizingly it generates identical channel realization. So If I have two simulations.. I have identical channel for both of ... 30 Nov 2005 16:49
TI 6713 DSPLIB functions and interruptibility
Folks I have been dubugging some software on a 6713 DSK using an FFT. I've isolated the problem down to either (a) running the interrupt driven McBSP codec at more than 24kHz sampling rate or (b) running the fast convolution in the main() function using the TI DSPLIB DSPF_sp_cfftr2_dit function with an FFT size ... 24 Nov 2005 04:57
Space Time Coding
Dear all, i am studying the paper Super Quasi Orthogonal Space Time Trellis Codes by Hamid JafarKhani. As i am a new bie in the huge world of Space time coding. I have start reading his paper and still in the learning process. I have already simulated Almouti papers which is very interesting. I have to simulate ... 23 Nov 2005 00:25
GMSK Simulation
Hi there, I am currently working on a GMSK Simulation whereby i will need to simulate the raw binary bits -> NRZ -> Convolve NRZ with Gaussian Pulse -> (I+Q)*modulator -> GMSK Modulation. However, i am stuck in the integration of the NRZ and convolution of NRZ and Gaussian Pulse. Please kindly advice. Regar... 9 Nov 2005 21:43
FSK Demod using Quadrature Receiver with matched filters
I created a Matlab M-file for a FSK demodulator using a Quadrature Receiver with 4 matching filters. The code is found below. I need someone to verify that this code works or to point out any problems. Also, if there is anything I can do to make it stronger and better, then I would like to hear about it. My cu... 9 Nov 2005 21:43
whitening filter
Hi, I am trying to implement a high frequency regeneration system where I take a narrowband speech signal and reconstruct high frequecies to obtain a wideband signal. I have done LP analysis on the NB speech and have LPC's and the residue. I now want to pass the residue (after upsampling)through a whitening fi... 10 Oct 2005 09:45
Running TMS320C2812 McBSP as SPI
I am using McBSP with SPI compatible devices where DSP(TMS320C2812) can be SPI master or SPI slave. The TI website only has sample code for only McBSP and not McBSP as SPI. It also confirms that McBSP can be used as SPI. If anyone has such sample code (preferably both with and without FIFO) I would grateful if... 5 Oct 2005 02:35
Adaptive Filter - LMS Algorithm
Hello, I am implementing the LMS Algorithm for acoustic echo canceller at a very basic level. In order to adapt the co-efficients of the filter using LMS algorithm, a desired signal is required. This would minimise the error between the output signal(with echo) and the desired signal. I would like to know what... 26 Sep 2005 15:39
Hi all, I'm trying to perform the OFDM modulation of a DVB-T system. So far, I have the complex valued carriers ck, 1705 altogether (for the 2k mode). To perform the 2048 point IFFT, somehow I have to map this 1705 carriers into 2048 values, xq. My question is, how should I perform this mapping? It seems to me... 26 Sep 2005 00:40
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