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Allan variance
Hi. I'm trying to understand the concept of Allan variance with applications to gyroscope data. I have read a lot of articles in which they use the Allan variance to decompose the variance into different random processes (random walk, bias white noise and so on). I have, however, not found any articles where... 29 Oct 2009 19:50
LTI systems
Hi all Please help... I have some doubts on LTI systems. Recently I read the second chapter of Digital Signal Processing by John G Proakis. In the second chapter, it gives a method to charecterize LTI system by LCCDE(Linear Constant Coefficient Differential Equation). The differential equation is solved to find the s... 27 Oct 2009 17:00
using FFT as a channelizer
Hi, I am learning multi-channel DDC techniques using FFT. My design is referenced to Something in this design I do not understand. The FFT will split the input stream into N(FFT size) bins equally spaced in frequency. Totally 4 FFTs are used so that the output data ... 21 Oct 2009 14:51
Fast Floating-Point Format
Hi, I'm looking for an implementation of fast floating point FFT algorithm. I found application notes (, Analog Devices) describing addition and multiplication of fast floating point numbers. cftt function inside VisualDSP library performs N-point radix-2 complex input FFT using fract16 forma... 22 Oct 2009 12:59
rahasia uang 250 ribu
“ Rahasia Bagaimana Membangun Aset Anda Hanya Dalam 4 minggu dengan Menggunakan uang 250 ribu “ Salam Teman-teman , semoga kesuksesan selalu menyertai anda. Hari ini saya akan memberikan Tip dan Trik bagaimana membangun Aset anda hanya dalam 4 minggu. Tehnik ini sudah teruji dan terbukti bisa membangun dan m... 18 Oct 2009 23:48
need solution manual
hi all, does anyone has the electronics version solution manual for Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Signal Processing by Todd K. Moon, Wynn C. Stirling I had a hard time dealing with those exercises thx for the help David ... 31 Oct 2009 03:33
LPC codec for dummies...
Hello everyone, firstly, this is my first post and I am completely new to DSP. I was previously only interested in graphics/trigonometry problems, however, I'm currently very interested in developing a LPC codec for my own hobby. I know this is a complex problem, and perhaps not the realm of an enthusiast, but I ... 11 Oct 2009 02:53
ADC quantizer question.
Hello, I am looking for some facts or specifications about an ADC quantizer. Firstly I want to know if it possible for quantizers to dynamically change their resolution? or is it fixed for a quantizer. If the quantizer can actually change its resolution, I would be very grateful if somebody could direct me to a ... 24 Oct 2009 01:22
EbNo and SNR
Hi Jason, Thanks for your reply. The reason I was asking that was because I was struggling with a different but related issue: Apparently Eb/No I have found out, is NOT equal to SNR. Upon further investigation, I found this: Eb/No = SNR / rho , where rho = 'spectral efficiency', and its units are 'bi... 8 Oct 2009 13:24
Free space path loss block in simulink
greetings I am working on the simlation of RFID system ,the problem that i am encountering is that my transmitted baseband signal is real and when i give it as input to the free space path loss block in simulink it gives me an error indicating that only complex signal must be given as an input to free space path loss ... 7 Oct 2009 07:26
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