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Zadoff-Chu correlation with frequency offset
Hi, I have an issue with Zadoff-Chu codes I am trying to understand. I generate a ZC sequence, remove the center carrier (as per the LTE spec) and try to correlate it in the time domain relative to a frequency shifted version of itself. Finally, I plot the correlation. Here's the corresponding Matlab code. u = 25... 9 Dec 2009 08:47
Call for Papers: The 2010 International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Methods (GEM'10), USA, July 2010
It would be greatly appreciated if this announcement could be shared with individuals whose research interests include genetic and evolutionary methods, AI, and soft computing. Thanks. ------- CALL FOR PAPERS and Call For Workshop/Session Propos... 8 Dec 2009 05:21
BPSK,QPSK,16-QAM constellation points
Hi everyone, I am trying to write a base band simulation of BPSK,QPSK and 16-QAM modulator(using only constellation points coordinates). I figured out from and "Digital Modulation Technique" that for BPSK the points will have following coordinates(in the complex plane): (+-sqrt(Eb),0) ... 7 Dec 2009 07:22
frequency response of iir filter-filtfilt implementation
Hi, Is there a simple way to determine the effective frequency response of the filtfilt implementation of an IIR bandpass filter ? I wish to confirm if I am getting twice the attenuation in the stop band as a result of the forward and backward filtering. I tried using an impulse input and compute the fft of the impu... 4 Dec 2009 08:26
cross-correlation, chirp finding
I am trying to find short chirps in a signal. I am expecting two repetitions of the chirp. The input signal is sampled at 44.1 Khz and the chirp is 850 samples long. My current method is to cross-correlate the input signal and the chirp into z. then i use a peak finding algorithm to find the two highest peaks. M... 4 Dec 2009 01:57
RLC circuit tutorial
I have created a tutorial on the series RLC circuit. It uses interactive flash programs with embedded audio. It is located here: It consists of three parts: Program 1: The transient response of the series rlc circuit. It includes user interaction plus a... 28 Nov 2009 23:22
Tutorial on UTM coordinates?
Hi all. I am working with some data that contain UTM positions. The problem is that I need the UTM coordinates on centimeter precision, which means I need some 8 or 9 significant digits in the UTM coordinates; a few digits too many to make the coordinates fit into a single-precision floating point number. On ... 29 Nov 2009 13:29
Assembly optimized error
Hi all I've written an assembly optimized program . it is fir filter . Always its input is constant but sometimes its output is not correct. I think that all things is correct . can anyone help me? Thank you very much ... 1 Dec 2009 03:55
Mysterious gain when designing a butterworth filter in MATLAB
For a high order filter, if I make Wn too small, I get an inexplicable gain term on the resulting filter. I am trying to use zpk form and then go to second orders sections. It works, but only sometimes. Here's an example: % This gives me a filter of gain 100 dB and I have no idea why? [z,p,k] = butter(n,.1); [s... 27 Nov 2009 05:32
DM642 EVM Emulator.....Urgent Help pls!!!
I am using DM642 EVM emulator and code composer studio v3.3 I am very new to this device and haven't use it much. I am trying to run a example of Audio echo. Firstly, i loaded this project and then build it. Initialy, i was getting the error but then i added the library file of evdm642.lib to it...So, it works aft... 26 Nov 2009 15:21
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